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Everything Need to Know about IronFX

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IronFX is a Forex broker that has been active in the industry since 2008, and became the leading retail Forex broker in Europe in just two years after they started working on the market. Their main office is located in St George’s Plaza, which is in the financial district of London, but they also have offices in other countries such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia, Belarus and Dubai. If you want to know more about their company, here are some important facts that we’ve dug up about them!

What is an IronFX?

An ironFX is a division of a larger broker that specializes in foreign exchange trading. Foreign exchange, or FX, markets are used by traders and investors to trade currency pairs. The most popular forex pairs are EUR/USD (the euro vs. dollar), USD/JPY (the dollar vs. yen), AUD/USD (the Australian dollar vs. U.S. dollar) and GBP/USD (Great Britain pound vs U.S. dollar). Forex trading can be incredibly profitable when done correctly with large amounts of capital—and incredibly risky when done with small amounts of capital or poorly researched strategies.

Is IronFX a Reliable Broker?

Many brokers still do not offer direct-bank transfer in addition to e-wallet transfers, but fortunately for traders, IronFX does. As long as your account holds a balance of at least $1,000, you can request a withdrawal through your FX trading platform (or via email or phone if you prefer) which will usually be processed within 24 hours. Of course, if you have an e-wallet account with IronFX you should use that option instead as it’s much faster and there are no fees associated with using one. You will receive your money once it has cleared from their bank account which could take anywhere from 1-3 business days depending on how busy they are at that time. If you have any questions about withdrawals, just contact customer support. They’re available via live chat, email, and phone during regular business hours (8am – 5pm GMT).

IronFX: How to Withdraw Money

Withdrawing your money from an IronFX account is as easy as depositing funds. As long as you’ve completed verification, you can log in and submit a withdrawal request from either Withdraw or Account in your profile menu. Once you’ve selected which method of payment you would like, simply click on OK and confirm your transaction. Your funds will typically arrive at your bank account within 2 business days after submission.

How much can I withdraw at once from my trading account with IronFX?

It is important that you read our trading terms and conditions very carefully before you invest with us. One important condition is that you cannot withdraw or transfer money from your trading account until it has been in existence for 14 calendar days. This means that if you register today and make a deposit, then 14 days must pass before you can request a withdrawal or transfer from your account. The reason we have these rules in place is because of money laundering laws which require us to keep track of how much money comes into an account, how much trades take place, when withdrawals are requested and so on. It does not matter if no actual currency has traded; according to anti-money laundering regulations we still have to keep track of it all for two weeks!

Pros and Cons of IronFX

The business world is full of opportunities that are too good to pass up, and if you’re looking for a new way to invest your money and give yourself options, look no further than IronFX. This broker provides you with a variety of currency pairs, precious metals, and options markets from which you can choose. When it comes down to it, however, there are some drawbacks when it comes to using their services. If you’re going into business with them be sure that these pros and cons help make your decision easier when choosing whether or not using an online broker is right for you. Pros: The first pro offered by an online currency exchange like IronFX is its relatively low cost compared to other types of trading brokers on the market today.


Iron FX is definitely a legit company. They are regulated by CySEC and are also regulated by FCA. Although it has a number of clients from different countries, there are some people who are facing problems such as withdrawal problem but if you get in touch with their support staff then they will surely help you in getting your money back into your account. If we go through the online reviews of Iron FX then we can say that majority of its clients have given positive reviews and opinions about their services. There might be people who faced problems but overall, most of them were happy with their trading experience with Iron FX broker.

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