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2012 Horoscope Taurus

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Taurus throughout the entire year of 2012. Dear Taurus, 2012 is a year of “out with the old, in with the new,” as you continue a tendency that began in the second half of 2011 and keeps you looking forward to fresh beginnings. You’re inspired to make a positive difference in your life and to improve as a person. While exploration was a motif last year, you’ll be focusing your efforts in 2012 on laying the groundwork. This is an excellent time to increase your savings, take care of your comfort requirements, and pay close attention to any relationships that require more “work.” This year, zodiac sign dates some of you will make significant commitments. While tying up loose ends from the past may not be your favorite pastime right now, it is necessary so that you may begin your “new life” in the best possible way.

In effect, you’re setting the tone for the next 12 years of your life, so do everything you can to make things right. This year may reveal aspects of your history, but you are confident in your ability to confront this challenge. From January 23 to April 13, when love or artistic endeavors and maybe children demand more attention, and again from May 15 to June 27, when money becomes a big subject, some backtracking is expected. Use these times to clean up and reevaluate your goals. The second half of 2012 might offer better money-making prospects, an emphasis on amassing belongings, and a strong need for comfort. While a sense of abundance is fantastic, especially for Taureans, it is essential to avoid the temptation to splurge and overindulge. Look for different ways to make your life more pleasant and earn more money; chances are, you’ll find them.

Details for the year 2012.

Jupiter transits your solar first house from March to August. This exhilarating transit improves your immediate surroundings and self-confidence, as well as increases your personality’s kindness. Your personality is more open, lively, and enthusiastic than others. This transit increases your generosity and optimism, and the entire cycle has the potential to be a relaxing, lucky, and hopeful period in your life. You have a positive, can-do attitude when it comes to life. What occurred in the past doesn’t matter to you right now; you’re focused on the future. Events occur that assist you in overcoming challenges that previously were difficult or even impossible–you now have a whole different outlook on life. You are less likely to sweat the minor stuff. You make a solid initial impression on people, which boosts your likeability. During this period, it is easier to pursue your particular goals and hobbies.

This transit is frequently associated with a desire (or pressure) to make a commitment or re-commitment. Healthy partnerships can emerge as a result of this travel, whether they be new or enhanced relationships. Pluto trines your Sun from your ninth solar house this year for individuals born between April 26 and 30. This robust transit impacts your view on life, which may be influenced by travel or interactions with individuals from other cultural backgrounds. You are committed to achieving your objectives and are methodical in your approach. Now it’s second nature to put your whole heart and soul into your work.

In March and April, Jupiter will be conjunct your Sun. This is an uplifting kind of transportation that allows you to rise above minor problems. It’s also a reasonable period for closeness and romantic relationships. Jupiter will be in your solar second house from August onwards. You are likely to profit from this cycle in terms of your earning capacity and value system.

During this Jupiter cycle, you may elect to hone your skills, which will increase your income potential. If you use this time well, you may be able to resolve financial issues from the past. You may be adding to your belongings, receiving a considerable present, or making a major buy or sell right now. You may receive a substantial gift or bonus. This year, Saturn will pass through your sixth solar house once more.

Your employment, daily routines, self-care activities, and health are all affected by this transit. For many, obligation may take precedence over pleasure, leading to a desire to labor longer or harder. You will be much more disciplined, motivated, healthy, and concentrated by the time this transit finishes (in October 2013). Uranus continues to have an impact on your friendships and social group. At this time in your life, you are drawn to free-spirited persons.

Neptune is still transiting your solar tenth house, as it has done for several years. During this period, your worldly aspirations may be watered down as you focus more on personal matters. This year may bring some conflict about a spouse’s income, alimony, taxes, and investments. What makes you feel safe and secure must be tempered with consideration for other people’s needs and degrees of comfort.

Due to retrograde motion in 2012, Venus, your planetary ruler, will be in the sign of Gemini for a lengthier period of time than average. From April 3 to August 7, your horoscope will place a particular emphasis on economics and personal values. A tight link between your eighth and eleventh houses from June to September may indicate some sexual or power-related undercurrents. From October 11 through November 5, love and passion are prevalent.

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