July 22, 2024


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New Video Game Controller For Your Thought

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A company called NeuroSky is developing a new type of video game controller. NeuroSky partnering with game giants such as SEGA to develop a line of toys and video games controlled by thought. They are developing an application that will sense your mood planned for release this year. NeuroSky is in talks with mobile phone and gaming companies to license its technology, with a goal to build game controllers for less than $100.

Say Goodbye to the Wii

NeuroSky is one of two companies that presently have mind control game controllers. A joystick is a controller for computer systems, video games, machinery or educational simulations. Rather than your brain telling your muscles to move a game controller, your brain moves the controller by itself. You will be able to play video games without worrying about tripping over the wire on the controller.

SEGA and NeuroSky will be stealing the spotlight from the Wii. Compared to what SEGA is working on with NeuroSky, the Wii is crap. They’re working on playing video games with your thoughts. SEGA and NeuroSky’s customers and partners include game peripherals makers and game developers. With the Wii Blaster introduction, expect new video games that take advantage of gaming peripherals to mushroom out of game studios in the near future.

Say Hello to Thought Controllers

Hot Video Games that read your mind invade your living rooms this year, thanks to SEGA and NeuroSky controllers. They teamed up to make “Mind Controlled tech Toys and acquired technology originally developed in Russia — for a heads-up communication display control in a car, or for a video game controller. NeuroSky makes a headset that measures brainwaves, for video games. NeuroSky and SEGA developed an application that senses the gamer’s mood and adjusts the game. It’s similar to technology pioneered and abandoned by Atari, in 1983. Playing a martial arts video game, you can kick or punch opponent without a joystick or mouse.

NeuroSky is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA, and developed ThinkGear that uses signals from the brain, and eye movement. NeuroSky is developing some consumer technology that will lead to some intense game control for you in the near future. Their game controllers should appear on the market this year.

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