July 18, 2024


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Top Tips From the Best SEO Consultant to Increase Website Traffic

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Let us be very open here. Here are some tips as most of the SEO service providers in the UK would do the same to start with any new website they take on contract for SEO services. Think about a brand new car without gas / petrol in it. You may have your brand new website, which is beautifully designed and programmed to serve your customers. But a brand new website without implementing the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques is likely to be the same as a brand new car without petrol.

1) Analyze your website and compare it with your competitor’s website. Take some time in doing the real Keyword Research & Analysis for your products/services and market. List down all the keywords and phrases that you think your customers would be searching your kind of business / services website. Try putting your assumed keywords / phrases in Google or Yahoo and see what results you are getting. You may find some idea this way.

2) Start writing “Title tags” Unique title for each page of your website. Any SEO company in the UK will have a check on this when they review your website before they start doing SEO for your website. You will be required to start with Meta Description & Meta Keyword tags for each page of your website. This could be a bit technical, so here you are suggested to take a help of your website designer, if you can not do it yourself. However, now a days most of the website designers are delivering SEO friendly sites. But still, do your research and do ask your website designer to make necessary changes as per your requirements and business demands.

3) You will need to start with Internal Linking/Content Optimization. Internal linkings means linking one page to another. It is like showing direction to view other pages. Its easy for search engines as well to crawl and get all the directions of pages you have on your website. When any SEO company startup doing SEO for your site, the SEO expert will check on if the internal linkings are done properly. Here you will be required to write content for the website. Your content needs to be unique and should not be copied from anywhere. Your concept may be same but your content should not be same. If it does, then search engines gives preference as first come first basis. So the page from where you have copied is counted as original. There are many other copyright issues involved. So overall this helps in Internal linking of web pages /content optimization so that search engine can index the relevant pages while crawling.

4) Proceed with search engine submission. Now as you know that there are lot many search engines prevailing in various countries. Look for famous and widely used search engines and target them to submit your website URL. Once they are done, continue looking for other search engines which are used locally. Now it depends on which country you are targeting so make sure which search engine is the best for your targeted location. Please make sure that you create your account and submit your sitemap to search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. You will require doing verification here.

5) Thereafter, proceed with Directory Submission. Once your website is done with all the basic onsite SEO techniques, your hired SEO consultant will proceed with the Directory Submissions. So “what is directory submission?” Just like we have our traditional phone directory in our old days, we now have online directories. Do a hard research to attain the list of directories for your area or location you are targeting. Once you done with the entire list, just proceed with submitting your URL to all the directories.

Additionally, there are lots of techniques involved in doing the best SEO services for your website. You can also do link exchange, blogging with relevant website. Ending this article in explaining a bit about Link exchange. Link exchange is somewhat like a barter system. You request to put your website link in someone’s website and in return you put their link on your website.

For example, you may be doing a website designing business. Your competitors will not be interested in putting your website link in their website but a website hosting company or a software company would or may. It is always better to do your best in requesting them. Give a try and do not hesitate. What could be the worse here, they would say “NO” or won’t reply. That’s it, so give it a try and move on to others.

The information provided here above is the best to start up doing SEO for your website. There are many more articles coming from us to self cater yourself in doing the best SEO techniques yourself for your website. Being the best SEO Company in the UK, we believe in increasing and promoting SEO community in the UK.

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