July 18, 2024


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Not Sure How to Choose a Web Hosting Company?

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With a large number of companies offering web hosting services, it can be quite challenging to select one as all seem to be offering same services and support, including an uptime of 99%. Here are some ways to find out the best provider:

Here is a guide you’ll find helpful for comparing two similar service providers.

Compare the prices

Though not the primary factor, price does form one of the most important factors in your decision taking process. Of course, it is true that you get what you pay for. This should be kept in mind while making a comparative study of prices of different providers.

It is not a very wise decision to select the cheapest provider, considering that for paying your bills you are dependent on the amount of business the website generates for you. Products and services of superior quality always cost more. It will be too much to expect a company to offer quality services for as low as two dollar a month. You need to learn and assess the features offered by two companies for comparing their prices.

Identify the field of specialization

Usually, different providers specialize in different fields of the same subject. Some may offer superb shared plans but may not offer solution to the needs of a growing business. The others may specialize in offering solutions to big businesses but may be unable to provide solution for say, a recipe blog.

That makes it imperative for you to know beforehand the field of specialization of the company you intend dealing with. You should surely go through the feedback on company’s website to know their strong and weak points as pointed out by existing clients.

Analyze the technical specifications

Carefully check you site and ensure it fulfills the purpose for which you are creating it. In case you plan including rich content, videos, blog hosting and if it’s an e-commerce site, it is recommended not to select the lowest priced package as in all probability it would lack features like RAM, disk space and processing power that you would require. You’ll have issues of downtime and loading.

Check the offer from the cheaper host for the features it is offering. Find out the additional expense of including extra domains as well for getting support. Ask whatever relevant question come to your mind. Make sure that the company takes your job seriously.

Evaluate the technical Support

This is often the most important aspect for selection of a web hosting company. In case your site becomes non operational for whatever reason, you would naturally like talking to somebody in person rather than talking to a machine generated speaker. The provider should be competent in locating the fault quickly and get it running fast.

You should spare no effort in verifying the company’s reputation as far as customer support is concerned. Find out the various ways of accessing it in case of any emergency. It should offer 24X7 supports through email and toll free lines etc.

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