April 19, 2024


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Fisker’s Ocean e-SUV has been on the ‘roids

You remember the Fisker Ocean SUV, right? The Tesla-taunting electric SUV that goes into full production late next year offering 4WD, a vegan interior, over 300-miles of range from its 80kWh battery and 0-62mph in under three seconds in an ‘ultra high performance’ version… but will start from just $37k.

Well, a bit like the reborn EV Hummer that was recently confirmed by GM, it fancies a slice of the extreme off-road e-SUV market, too. This sketch is all we have to go on so far, but the intent is clear – wider knobbly tyres, wider arches to cram them into, more underbody protection, roof rack with obligatory spare tyre on top – and, to be fair, it looks properly mean.

This from Mr Fisker himself: “The low centre of gravity and wide track brings added stability and makes the Fisker Ocean a perfect clean sustainable utility vehicle, that can be used by international organisations, which needs to deploy rescue vehicles in rural areas, it can also be used as a zero emission military version to transport military personnel, as oil is one of the largest expenses for the military.”

Makes sense. No word on what other modifications will be applied to help make it wilderness or war-proof, though, but confirmation that “we will show this extreme utility version next year”, and that it will be available to purchase by individuals. That means you and I. Perfect for traversing the wilds of South London.

Clearly, many questions remain, but good news that the Ocean project is on track and expanding despite everything that’s going on. You can read our full story on the ‘standard’ Ocean right here, but which version would you go for? That or the Hulk Edition? Let us know below.

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