May 22, 2024


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Will You Benefit from Having Satellite Internet? Here’s How to Know

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There are many instances in your life when you will need to look something up or contact your loved ones only to find that you are not connected to the internet. Even if you have mobile internet, if you are far from a cellular tower or there is a problem with the network, you may not be able to go online.

When you find yourself in a similar situation, you can rely on satellite internet. Unlike your regular internet, satellite internet does not need a cellular network to function. If you are looking into getting a mobile satellite internet and a satellite PTT, here are the instances where you will get the most benefits out of it.

Freelance/Remote Work

A freelancer is not tethered to their desks from 9-to-5 like regular office workers. The world is their stage. They can do their work at home, at a cafe, at a public park, or even on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific. As long as they can finish and submit their task on time, where they perform their duties does not matter. 

However, a freelancer should always be within reach by your client or to find new gigs. If you want to work wherever and whenever you want without limitations, satellite internet will work for you. 

Similarly, if you own a company and still want to keep tabs on your employees if you are on holiday, you can stay connected to monitor daily activities even if you are not in the office. 

Traveling Abroad

If you are traveling to a foreign country, there are many options to keep you connected to the internet. Two of your options are talking to your mobile provider for roaming packages and buying a SIM card in the place you are visiting. A third option is to hope that the hotel where you will stay in has a secured and decent internet connection. 

However, what if you are traveling to a location that is far from the city or town proper? You still want to be connected to post photos on Instagram, keep your family and friends updated, find your way back to your hotel, or call for help in case of an emergency. Satellite internet does not have border limitations; you will be able to connect you anywhere and anytime. 

Even if you are in a rural area that is far from a cellular tower, with satellite internet, you can send and receive messages, browse websites, etc. 


Satellite internet is already popular among campers and backpackers. When you know you are going into the forest where the nearest cellular tower is miles away, your smartphone will not be that reliable. 

Through satellite internet, data is transmitted over the air by beaming it toward an orbiting satellite which will send information back to you. You would not have a problem even if you are off the grid because data moves to and from space, you will always be connected to the internet.

Emergency Situation

During an emergency situation, following a hurricane or an earthquake, the cellular network might go offline. In these instances, being connected is crucial so you can receive life-saving updates and instructions from the authorities or make sure that your family and friends are safe.  

Satellite internet is not for everyone. When it comes to speed, land-based internet is still superior, However, there are situations when your regular provider will not be able to connect you online and that is when you can rely on satellite internet.

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