June 21, 2024


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Why are Cheap Web Hosting Plans Harmful? Which One Should You Choose?

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Choosing the right web hosting plan is essential for a successful website. Also, a good hosting provider is usually the difference between a reliable and not-so-reliable website. Hence, you must ensure that you take the utmost care before signing up with a web host. There are different types of hosting plans available in the market offered by different hosting companies. While prima facie they offer similar features, the final result can be poles apart. Usually, new websites tend to look for cheap hosting plans as budget is a concern and the hosting requirements are basic. However, cheap may not always mean cost-efficient and could lead to a loss in business and reputation in the long run. In this article, we will highlight the reasons why cheap web hosting plans can be harmful and list factors that can help you decide the right hosting plan for your website.

  1. Website Performance

The right hosting plan must ensure that your site loads fast. It should also ensure minimum downtimes and loading errors. A web host can offer these features if it has great infrastructure, and the plan offers enough bandwidth. Hosting companies offering cheap hosting plans might not have the required resources. Hence, you might save on upfront costs by paying less for the hosting plan but end up losing customers if the site’s performance dips. A slow website also loses SEO in the long-run.

  1. Security Issues

The security of the website is the primary concern of most site owners. With regulatory bodies focusing on how a site manages user information (especially PII), a small glitch in security can be costly. Since a website resides on the host, it is as secure as the web host. When you buy a cheap plan, the host usually shares resources between multiple sites. Also, the company might not be able to afford to spend a lot on security. Hence, you might face security issues that could have serious implications.

  1. Customer Support Issues

Web Hosting is a technical task. Hence, you would always need a team of technical experts to help you navigate through technical issues that you might encounter. Cheap hosting plans tend to cut corners in customer support costs too. Hence, you might not have the kind of support you desire when you hit a snag. This means that you would need to manage these issues yourself.

When it comes to cost-efficient hosting plans, Cloud Website Hosting ranks at the top of the list. With features like instant resource scalability, high speeds and performance, high levels of security, etc., Cloud Hosting is a preferred option for startups, e-commerce platforms, and most online businesses as it is highly affordable.

Summing Up

Before buying a cheap web hosting plan, consider the long-term costs of a website that performs below par. Therefore, always look for cost-efficiency rather than the price of a hosting plan. Look for options and research well before you sign the dotted line. Good Luck!

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