June 21, 2024


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Who’s Paying for Whose Streaming?

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Streaming services are more popular—and more necessary—than ever. There are so many to choose from … and so many to pay for. But a survey from CordCutting.com indicates that many people aren’t paying their own way for what they watch.

Among Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+, most people are paying for their own Prime Video accounts, at 69.1 percent. That’s most likely because the service comes along with Amazon Prime accounts. More than half of Disney+’s viewership is not paying for their access themselves, though: For the newest of the major streaming services, just 49.7 percent of those watching answer to the name on the bill. 

Given how much Gen Z has to deal with as far as the economy and job opportunities, they can be forgiven for accounting for the most borrowing of someone else’s account info (72.5 percent for Netflix, 46.3 percent for Prime Video, 44.9 percent for Hulu, and 68.8 percent for Disney+). Usually that someone else is their parents. In a bit of turnabout, some parents use their kids’ accounts, mostly those who have Hulu (9.3 percent).

All the survey questions about the relationship between viewers and subscribers are pretty friendly (parent, child, friend, roommate, and the like), but one stands out—exes. None of those surveyed were getting their Disney+ subsidized by an ex. But those who have shared Hulu (4.7 percent), Netflix (1.7 percent), and Prime Video (2 percent) with a past partner might want to change their passwords. 

And clearly, this isn’t an ideal situation for the services themselves: You can probably expect to see them cracking down on password sharing soon.

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