June 21, 2024


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What would you do with a 107bhp crate electric motor?

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In much the same way Ford and GM will sell you a big, thirsty V8 and all the bits you need to make it work, a few companies have begun offering off-the-shelf electric powertrains. One such company is Swindon Powertrain, an outfit you’ve never heard of that’s been building road and race engines and components since the Seventies.

The ‘HPD’ – news of which we brought you late last year – is now on sale, with prices starting at £6,400 before VAT. For that you get a 107bhp brushless, permanent magnet motor, a transmission, open differential and a metre of cabling. All-in the setup weighs less than 50kg, which is nothing.

There are two gear-ratio options, depending on what kind of top speed you want, and two different inverters (or you can opt to use your own). Swindon Powertrain will also swap the open-diff for a limited-slip and help with cooling, should you ask nicely. You can even waterproof it.

The company said it has over 400 “requests for more information” in the weeks following the announcement last year, with enquiries from “OEMs, low volume manufacturers, classic car enthusiasts through to sports car and ATV recreational vehicle owners”. A number of OEMs have committed to R&D projects, and at least one is looking into using the HPD as part of a hybrid system.

Folks who order now can expect delivery in August. So our question is this – what would you do with it? What would you electrify?

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