May 22, 2024


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Welcome to Zero Labs’ electric Series III Land Rover

You might remember the time we went to the States to drive a rather special Ford Bronco. If not, do remind yourself by clicking on these blue words.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? As my colleague Tom Ford wrote in his story, there are loads of companies that specialise in restomodding old Broncos, but few go quite as far as Zero Labs. Besides swapping the internal combustion engine for a battery and electric motor, it totally re-engineers these old 4x4s– mechanically and aesthetically transforming them into hugely desirable, charming, high-quality objects. Hell, it’ll even rebody one entirely in carbon-fibre if you ask nicely.

And now, Zero Labs has announced it’s expanding its range. Besides the Bronco, the full Zero Labs treatment is now available for the Series III Land Rover. Available in open-backed ‘Beach’ and more traditional ‘Classic’ specs, each costing around $185,000, Zero Labs equips the Series III with independent front and rear suspension, either an 85 or 100kWh battery good for up to 235 miles of range and an e-motor with up to 600bhp.

Speed isn’t the point, though. Far from it. Like the Bronco the SIII gets a completely re-done interior, and a load of those amazing little details that make its Bronco so cool.

More info as we have it.

Images: Zero Labs

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