June 21, 2024


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Walmart Launches 2-Hour ‘Express Delivery’

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Walmart is piloting a new “Express Delivery” service that promises more items shipped directly to your doorstep in two hours or less. The program, which launched last month at 100 stores, has been fast-tracked to help more people amidst the COVID-19 crisis. The rapidly expanding amenity—expected to reach nearly 2,000 Walmart locations in the coming weeks—invites folks to pick from an inventory of more than 160,000 items, including groceries, everyday essentials, toys, and electronics.

“We know our customers’ lives have changed during this pandemic and so has the way they shop,” Walmart’s Chief Customer Officer Janey Whiteside said in a statement. “We also know when we come out of this, customers will be busier than ever, and sometimes that will call for needing supplies in a hurry. COVID-19 has prompted us to launch Express Delivery even faster so that we’re here for our customers today and in the future.”

As with the company’s existing pickup and shipping options, Express Delivery provides no-contact service. But swift drop-off comes at a price: It costs an additional $10 (on top of the delivery charge) to ensure your items arrive within two hours.

“We have an opportunity to serve our customers no matter what life calls for,” Tom Ward, senior vice president of customer product at Walmart, said. “Whether it be a last-minute ingredient, medicine when a fever hits, or the item you didn’t know you needed when checking off your chore list, time matters. Express is a solve for that.”

Visit the Walmart website or mobile app and search for your zip code to see if Express Delivery is available in your area.

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