June 21, 2024


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Uber Extends ‘No Mask, No Ride’ Policy Indefinitely

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Back in May, Uber introduced a new policy known as “No Mask, No Ride,” which required both its drivers and all riders to wear masks during their ride-hailing trips. It was expected to remain in place until the end of June, but now it’s required indefinitely.

As Fox Business reports, Uber decided to react to COVID-19 continuing to spread rapidly across the US by extending the mask-wearing policy with no end date stated. It will remain in place for as long as necessary, basically. An Uber spokesperson explained, “Extending our “No Mask, No Ride” policy is the right thing to do … We want to send a clear message to everyone using Uber that we all have a role to play to keep each other safe.”

Uber is taking mask wearing seriously and demands drivers take a selfie of themselves using the Uber app to show they are wearing a mask before picking up passengers. Riders can report drivers spotted not wearing or for removing a mask and have the option to cancel a trip if they do. However, riders not wearing a mask can also be reported and face a suspension of permanent ban from the service.

Lyft instituted a similar policy for mask wearing back in May, too. It seems likely the company will also extend the policy indefinitely, although it has not stated anything publicly yet. Meanwhile, yesterday Twitter suggested that we’d get an edit button for tweets if everyone started wearing masks.

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