June 23, 2024


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Twitch Roulette Connects Viewers With Lonely Streamers

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Folks are running out of ways to stay entertained in lockdown. Binged Tiger King? Baked seven loaves of banana bread? Marie Kondo’d the entire house? Why not have a go at Twitch Roulette?

The website, first spotted by The Next Web, invites people to randomly connect to small-time streamers with a spin of the virtual wheel. Filter by game title or type—everything from Animal Crossing: New Horizons to WWE 2K18 and ASMR to watch parties—then spin the wheel (er, press the button).

You’ll be matched with a random Twitch streamer who has few to no viewers. “Say hi! Make new friends!” the bare-bones site says, ensuring users that it does not track any user information or require any cookies. You must be logged into your Twitch account to access and interact with a stream, though. Keep in mind that Twitch Roulette aims to pair you with an unattended channel, so it might take some time to find one you’re interested in (and in a language you understand).

I took a chance on “all games,” and ended up in a stream of Star Citizen with four other people; a bizarre transmission of the weather forecast set to slow, monastic music; an intense game of Fallout 4; and a gossip session over LivestreamFails videos. It’s certainly a mixed bag, but it’s also a great way to support lonesome content creators searching for those 50 followers needed to become a Twitch affiliate.

Like what you see? Click the purple “Twitch” icon in the bottom right corner to watch directly on the platform. You can also follow or subscribe to the user directly from the Twitch Roulette page.

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