July 18, 2024


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Top 5 Use Cases of a VPS Server Besides Web Hosting

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Generally, Virtual servers are used as a popular Web Hosting plan by individuals and businesses who are looking for dedicated resources at affordable prices. But few may know that it is a versatile hosting option that has many other use cases as well. 

VPS host is used to set the VPS server and configuration according to the unique needs of the server and the business. 

So, in this article, let’s learn the other five use cases of VPS. It will help you to invest in the right plan when it comes to using the VPS server other than as a Web Hosting option.

Top 5 Use Cases of a VPS Server Besides Web Hosting

  1. VPS as a Gaming Server

Using VPS as a gaming server offers the following advantages:

  • VPS Hosting plans can be tailored for popular games like Minecraft. 
  • Can deployed on AWS infrastructure for top-tier performance of games 
  • Pre-installed SPanel for easy server setup
  • Power and scalability through which multiple players can play simultaneously without facing the issue of lagging 
  • Offers quick hardware configuration changes.
  • Offers high-speed, stable internet connectivity to avoid disturbance in games.
  • Offers nearby data centres with redundancy for reliability, reducing latency.
  • Several plans with different hardware configurations to fulfil your unique gaming needs
  1. VPS as an Email Server

Using a VPS Hosting Server for email hosting offers several advantages:

  • Offers Dedicated IP address, preventing spam and blacklisting issues.
  • More storage space for emails, separate from website data.
  • Quick recovery of communication in case of issues.
  • SPanel VPS includes IP reputation monitoring on popular spam blacklists.
  • Robust spam protection and daily offsite backups for data security.
  1. VPS as a Database Server

Using a VPS as a database server offers flexibility and performance benefits:

  • VPS offers features that separate website files and databases, which proved advantageous for high-traffic or customised projects.
  • VPS choice allows hardware configuration specification and easy adjustments.
  • Offers Root access for installing the desired database management system.
  • Reliable connectivity when using a reputable VPS provider.
  • Configuring web applications to work with the new server typically involves editing the main configuration file.
  1. VPS as a Forex Server

Buying a VPS for Forex trading offers significant advantages:

  • VPS provides a continuous online presence that helps the Forex markets to operate 24/7 without any issues.
  • VPS offers dedicated resources that help to run trading applications without compromising on performance.
  • VPS reduce the latency, which saves the cost that might occur due to delays in trade execution 
  • Multiple data centres worldwide allow VPS deployment close to major Forex trading hubs, enhancing precision and potentially increasing profits.
  1. VPS as a VoIP Server

Using a VPS as a VoIP server provides cost-effective communication:

  • VoIP services can be costly, especially for frequent callers, making VPS implementation attractive.
  • The choice of operating systems on VPS allows compatibility with a wide range of VoIP providers.
  • Broadband internet connection ensures constant online availability and clear calls.
  • VoIP setup on a VPS offers greater customisation, focusing on essential features and phone configuration.
  • Creates a lighter, more efficient option for business communications.


As we discussed above, the VPS server has multiple use cases, which makes it one of the most popular choices among people. 

VPS offers a high degree of flexibility, control, and isolation, makes is the reason for its versatility. 

So, access your needs and then invest in VPS and configure its environment accordingly to achieve your objectives. 

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