July 24, 2024


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This purple Hispano Suiza is designed to make you ‘elated’

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Thought the Hispano Suiza comeback was all a load of hypercar hogwash? Think again, because what you see here is the first example of the 1,098bhp Carmen Boulogne that’s headed for the US. Well, it’s the synthesised, configurator version of it.

And if you know your online-famous car collectors, its colour scheme might just give away where it’s headed, too. Michael Fux is known for painting his cars (of which he has 160) in exceedingly bold colours, such as this pink McLaren 720S. A car that’ll be complemented rather nicely by his purple Carmen, which we’re told is Fux’s first electric car.

The Boulogne is the quicker, more hardcore version of an already quite quick EV, and it’s ultra exclsuive, too: just 19 Carmen Boulognes are being built, and it’s fair to assume the other 18 won’t be anything like as purple as the car you see here, inside or out.

“I visited the Hispano Suiza facility in February and loved what I saw,” says Fux. “I am a detail-orientated guy and I love colours that lift you up and give you a feeling of elation. When you see it, the Carmen Boulogne is undoubtedly a ‘wow’ car. It is retro and romantic, and you can’t avoid looking at it.

Simple question, then folks: are you feeling elated?

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