July 24, 2024


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The Oppo Find X2 Pro will have a better camera than the vanilla X2

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Brian Shen just officially confirmed what we’ve known for a while – that there will be two flagships, Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro. Better still, the Oppo VP described the differences between the two models.

The Find X2 Pro will offer “extra image quality”, suggesting a different camera setup. He adds that the non-Pro will use a new Sony IMX sensor that already offers improvements to the image quality over previous generation phones.

Also, the vanilla Find X2 will have a smaller camera hump and the phone itself will be thinner. The extra bulk is the price that the X2 Pro has to pay for the more powerful camera hardware.

The Oppo Find X2 Pro will have a better camera than the vanilla X2

Anyway, Shen shares that he prefers the Oppo Find X2 for its slimmer profile and choice of finishes (the X2 and X2 Pro will differ in the exterior finish and presumably colors available).

In case you missed it, the Find X2 Pro will have a triple camera, including a periscope module. Dual 48MP sensors are expected to sit behind the wide and ultrawide lenses, a 13MP sensor behind the periscope telephoto unit. It’s not clear which of these three will be downgraded for the non-Pro model (our money is on the periscope cam). The two flagships will be unveiled tomorrow.


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