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The best water rides for in, on and under the waves

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If we are to don our sensible hats for a moment, and ignore the immense fun they offer, what unifies the different craft listed below is that they all encourage forms of activity that guarantee socially distanced leisure time to an astonishing degree. With this in mind, whether you are thinking of trying wakeboarding, kayaking or underwater scooting, here are the rides to consider propelling you in, on or under the waves.

Ozone Wasp V1

Designed to force the wind into powering your wakeboard, foil, SUP, windsurf – or skis, skateboard or snowboard for that matter – this core-busting, arm-aching inflatable sail is available in five widths from two to six metres, and uses the latest in rigid inflatable tubing to create a batwing-style design that is easy to grip and angle into the prevailing gusts. Multiple handles make it easier to control, and for safety there’s a grip on the leading edge that, when pulled, completely cuts the wing’s ability to catch the wind.

Price: from £710 | Ozone | ATBShop


While the promotional videos for electric surfboards tend to look “extreme”, the reality is that most feel more pedalo than powerful. However, Awake’s new composite carbon-fibre design could shake things up with a shorter, lighter, more aggressive surfboard style that, combined with the 11kW brushless electric motor, can hit 30 knots (56kph). By reducing the buoyancy by 30 per cent compared to the original design, slimming the tail and softening the edges, the rider can carve harder and tighter in the water. The replaceable battery can last 20-45 minutes, there’s a choice of four modes, and with multiple safety sensors and a “dead man’s grip” function on the wireless controller, the board can’t speed off without its rider.

Price: €16,900 | Awake Boards

Sublue Seabow Underwater Scooter

Handheld swimming aids give the unskilled explorer a chance to dive deeper, swim further and stay in the water for longer. They’re also exceptionally good fun, and this new design from Sublue, is its first twin-motor offering to have single-handed operation, and will happily drag you down to 40m at 2m/s, which is as fast as the Men’s 200m World Freestyle Champion. It has two camera mounts and comes loaded with balance weights and brackets, D-ring for accessories, tow cord and vital safety leash.

Price: from $999 | Sublue | Amazon

iAqua SeaDart 770P

Made from aerospace-standard T-300 modulus carbon fibre, the 770P gives us landlubbers the chance to dive beneath the waves down to depths of 30m and at speeds of up to 25kph with no physical effort on our part. Powered by two specially engineered batteries, each housing 96 individual lithium-ion cells, and providing a nominal voltage of 48V, the motor kicks out 5kW of power with a propulsive force of 770N max for up to 90 minutes. Additionally, a patented propeller system ensures noise levels are supposedly down “stealth” levels. Speed, battery level and depth are all displayed on a large colour display screen, and to avoid disaster in the depths, the control module has been pressure tested down to 40m, the equivalent of 73 psi.

Price: €9,166 | Yacht Engineering

Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136 kayak

A sports kayak so advanced, the fish don’t stand a chance. Firstly, this 4.1m craft’s 12V Minn Kota propellor motor removes the need for paddling – foot steering means you can cast your line as you glide almost silently through the water. Then, when you do get to your chosen location, Minn Kota’s Spot-Lock technology, activated using the i-Pilot Bluetooth connected remote, automatically keeps the kayak steady in position, regardless of wind or current, so all you need worry about is finding those fish.

Price: $3,999.99 | Old Town

Kokopelli XPD

Kokopelli makes ultralight inflatable rafts using commercial-grade 1000D reinforced PVC that pack down smaller than a cheap holiday dinghy. Designed with stability and easy paddling in mind, the XPD weighs 5.9kg, and can be inflated in just three minutes using the included Nano Pump. Great for messing about on the river, it has a 10cm-thick inflatable seat, reinforced floor, high-pressure pontoons with optional fully sealed TiZip storage area, and stainless steel D-rings for attaching all manner of aquatic accessories.

Price: from $749 | Kokopelli | Escape Watersports

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