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The 10 Best Quantum Mechanics Books

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Are you enchanted by the world of quantum physics? Well, you are not alone, there are many scientists, researchers, and science readers who find quantum mechanics as their favorite medium to understand the depth of creation. 

From the framework of space-time to the many-worlds theory (multiverse concept) and the spooky world of paraphysics, there are so many intriguing ideas that you may come across while going deep into quantum theory. Quantum mechanics is the lens through which you can observe the intricate interactions occurring at the sub-atomic scale, and the impact they are causing in the real world. 

If you wish to understand quantum mechanics in-depth, but without the high-level math, here are the 10 best quantum mechanics books that may surprise you with their exceptional insight into the quantum world.

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Kenneth W. Ford/Amazon

A beginner’s guide to quantum mechanics, The Quantum World by Kenneth W. Ford clearly explains the various laws and theories that describe the behavior of subatomic particles and how these behaviors can seem to violate existing physical laws. This book is an easy-to-read answer to almost all of your quantum physics questions and it gives a detailed analysis of several major topics such as entanglement, quantum numbers, granularity, superposition, etc.

Apart from the theories, simplified equations, and examples, there are so many good diagrams inside the book that can help you visualize the way a quantum world functions.

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Jim Baggott/Amazon

Why is quantum mechanics different from the rest of physics? What is reality? How could a theory of science explain a natural world created by God? All these strange questions are answered in a very profound and logical manner in Jim Baggott’s Quantum Reality. The book explains the connection between science and philosophy, and also describes the steps that lead to the development of any scientific theory.

From the historical Bohr-Einstein debates to the intriguing Copenhagen interpretation, Baggott’s book on quantum mechanics covers an interesting account of the science, history, and real-world consequences linked with quantum theory. The great American physicist Richard Feynman once famously said, “I think I can safely say that nobody really understands quantum mechanics” – and this book somehow unveils the actual reason behind this statement.

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Richard P. Feynman/Amazon

If you seek to gain an understanding of the quantum theory of light, then QED is one of the books that you must read. Written by Nobel laureate Richard P. Feynman, the book explains the interaction and behavior of light, in the simplest language possible.

Feynman uses clarifying examples, visual elements, spatial concepts, and his own Feynman diagrams to effectively explain complex concepts such as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the wave nature of light, as well as equations that are associated with the quantum theory of light.

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Tim James/Amazon

Want to dig into quantum physics but the math part feels too intimidating? Here is Fundamental, a book that explains the quantum realm in an easy and enjoyable way. This book incorporates the stories of scientists who contributed to the development of quantum physics and explains how this branch of science led to the creation of modern technology and cosmic theories. 

Fundamental also focuses on the quantum field theory and its significance after the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle, and it reveals some important insights on the various aspects of particle physics that govern the behavior of matter and energy. Written by science writer Tim James, this comprehensive book is a must-have collection of all the theories and principles that can be considered essential to quantum mechanics.

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Sean Carroll/Amazon

A thought-provoking work by author and theoretical physicist Sean M. Carroll, Something Deeply Hidden focuses on superposition — the remarkable property of sub-atomic particles to possess mutually exclusive properties like position or spin at the same time— and carefully explains the way quantum mechanics perceives the fabric of space-time, and also delivers important insights into what’s known as the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics. The book acts as a carefully reasoned argument for taking this interpretation seriously. This is an enjoyable read suited for both amateurs and experts interested in this theory.

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Chad Orzel/Amazon

This international bestseller, from the author of B
reakfast with Einstein, is a treasure trove for novices to the world of physics, and those searching for a clear and straightforward way to understand quantum mechanics. Writer Chad Orzel attempts to describe the complex principles of
quantum theory in his own humorous way – by looking at it from the point of view of a dog named Emmy.

Emmy is fascinated by physics. Could she use quantum tunneling to get through the neighbor’s fence? How about diffracting around a tree to chase squirrels? Or using virtual particles to catch bunnies made of cheese?

The book is a lighthearted take on quantum mechanics but it doesn’t avoid on the scientific depth that quantum theory holds in the context of our physical world. By the end, Orzel manages to explain to Emmy why quantum mechanics exists and how it affects the world around us.

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Philip Ball/Amazon

Looking for a book that not only provides you with some exclusive scientific knowledge on quantum mechanics but also incorporates some controversial elements related to the subject? Then Beyond Weird is one book you should definitely go for. 

Written by Philip Ball, the book explains the counterintuitive principles behind our existence while shining light on the most recent developments in the field of quantum physics. The research contained within also goes beyond the particle and wave nature of matter, making it larger in scope than other books like it. 

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Leonard Susskind, Art Friedman/Amazon

Theoretical Minimum is a rare New York Times’ bestseller on quantum mechanics, written by Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman. It offers clear explanations of important principles such as quantum entanglement, time dependence, quantum states, etc. The book explains the nature and behavior of subatomic particles in terms of explicit mathematical derivations, and at the end of each topic there are exercises that help you to understand more about the physics behind the theories.

The book serves as a great toolkit to beginning a study of  quantum mechanics. With its balanced approach to both equations and theory, readers are able to grasp complex quantum physics concepts in a structured and convenient manner. 

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Dr. Eric O’Dierno/Amazon

Looking for something a bit off the beaten path? If you’ve got a soft spot for the paranormal, then Einstein, Quantum Theory, & the Pursuit of the Paranormal might be for you. It takes a unique approach to quantum theory that attempts to explain how quantum physics can be used to explain parapsychology and mysticism. 

Written by paranormal investigator Dr. Eric O’Dierno, the book is a treat for those “who want to believe”. The author includes case files from his own paranormal investigations and attempts to find answers for unexplained phenomenon through the prism of quantum mechanics. While healthy skepticism is definitely warranted, even Einstein found parts of quantum mechanics “spooky”, so speculating about the implications of a multiverse and other downright weird aspects of quantum theory isn’t as outlandish as it sounds.

From Normal to Paranormal: 10 Mind Blowing Books on Quantum Mechanics
Source: Edward Anderson/Amazon

Exactly what did Einstein mean when he said that “time is an illusion”? What is time, exactly? What does this have to do with quantum mechanics? The Problem of Time will help answer these questions as it takes you through the background independence of quantum mechanics, minisuperspace models of general relativity, and the concept of supergravity.

The main focus of the book is the way two different paradigms of physics, quantum mechanics and general relativity, perceive time, where they differ, and what it might mean.

For those who have some prior understanding of quantum theory and would like to read a book that explores some more advanced concepts, then The Problem of Time may turn out to be your new favorite book on quantum mechanics and easily closes out our list of the 10 best quantum mechanics books. 

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