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Ten Practice Questions For CCNA Exam – Exam Practice For CCNA 640-802

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Practice is the mother of learning. After studying your textbooks and learning the theory for the CCNA syllabus, the best approach to assimilate and strengthen your knowledge is to solve many practice questions and study test exams. This article provides ten practice questions which focus on a wide range of topics that you need to learn for passing your CCNA exam.

QUESTION 1: Which of the following CLI prompts indicates that you are working in privileged EXEC mode?

A. Hostname>
B. Hostname#
C. Hostname-config
D. Hostname-exec>


QUESTION 2: What command do you type to save the configuration stored in RAM to NVRAM?

ANSWER: copy running-config startup-config

QUESTION 3: Which information does the show vlan command display?

A. Ports that are configured as trunks
B. VMPS server configuration parameters
C. Names of the VLANs and the ports that are assigned to the VLANs
D. VTP domain parameters


QUESTION 4: What are two characteristics of OSPF? (Choose two.)

A. Proprietary
B. Similar to RIP
C. Hierarchical
D. Open Standard
E. Distance Vector Protocol


QUESTION 5: Which command can you type at the router prompt to verify the broadcast frequency for IGRP?

ANSWER: show ip protocols

QUESTION 6: Which command is used, and in what context, to stop routing updates from exiting a router’s serial 0 interface?

ANSWER: Router(config-router)#passive-interface s0

QUESTION 7: Which subnet mask would be appropriate for a Class C address used for 9 LANs, each with 12 hosts?



QUESTION 8: Which command correctly specifies that network is directly connected to a router that is running EIGRP?

A. Router(config-router)# network
B. Router(config-router)# router eigrp
C. Router(config)# network
D. Router(config)# router eigrp


QUESTION 9: What does a switch do when a frame is received on an interface and the destination hardware address is unknown or not in the filter table?

ANSWER: The switch floods the network with the frame attempting to ensure that the device receives the frame.

QUESTION 10: What protocol is used to find the hardware address of a local device?

ANSWER: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

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