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Telstra Signal Booster: How To Install it for Smart WiFi Connection?

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Working from home or simply binging on platforms like Netflix for entertainment has become common. However, nothing of these is possible without an internet connection. Also, it is a fact that network problems arise with wireless solutions even if you have the best and most expensive router installed. 

To simply improve Wi-Fi connectivity, many consumers nowadays rely on routers or mesh networking systems. The range extender, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective option.

The extender or phone booster can improve Wi-Fi connectivity, as the name implies. It’s a device that picks up a Wi-Fi signal and sends it back on the same frequency and network.

However, what comes to concern is setting it up is challenging, be it the Telstra signal booster or some other range extender from varying brands. So, to simplify the complex setup, we have come up with a detailed and step-by-step guide.

Let’s begin then!!

Before the installation process, buying the one comes the need. Of all, the phone booster from the Telstra brand is the ideal choice. However, considering the aspects like requirements, budget, use, and range is essential. 

Selecting the Right Model and Placement Area

The first thing in the installation process comes to deciding on which model would fit right to the needs and place, be it any desk, shelf, or something else. The next thing is to select the spot where you need to perform the actual setup. 

Make sure the location you choose is close enough to the router. This will make it simple to pick up signals without difficulty, and it will even allow you to reach the farthest reaches of the space.

Get Started With Manual

The installation of a phone booster will necessitate studying the manual. There’s a chance the manufacturer will give a video or tutorial that will lead you through the initial setup. Also, you can be provided with a website or app for installation process help. 

Connect the Signal Booster

Before you start using the signal booster app, go to the Wi-Fi settings panel on the device where you wish to improve the network coverage.

To follow along with the signal booster software, you’ll need to know some basic router information. Here, the information does not imply the name or password only. Get to know about the frequency that the extender broadcasts. 

Keep in mind that current phone boosters can transmit at 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. This will appear to be different networks, although this is not necessarily the case.

Merge WiFi

Simply connect the Telstra signal booster to your device and follow the setup instructions. Connect the device to the network and turn it on. You’ll need to check the signal strength at this point.

However, keep in mind that the booster may not be as effective if you don’t have a strong connection to the Wi-Fi network. So, if there are no signal issues, consider modifying the extended network’s names to fit in with the existing network setup.

Proper Placement

When you’ve completed all of these processes, the booster is ready to use. It’s just a matter of locating it in an optimum location so devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets can instantly connect.

You may have to manually join the network by turning on or off the power. The best part about the boosters is that they allow for smooth roaming. In this instance, the booster’s network and the original network will appear to be the same and will swap automatically when you enter or exit its range.

Placement of Booster is the Key to Better Wi-Fi Connectivity

Choosing the best location for a signal extender installation can improve signal strength and network coverage. You may start by sketching around the deceased, outlets with bad internet access, and so on. Also, make a note of the locations where you want the Wi-Fi signal to reach your device.

Modify Network Names for Convenience

When installing the signal booster, decide on whether to keep the network name and password the same or use the different one. 

Of course, using the same sign-in credentials lets you roam between the booster or router without any need for reconnecting the devices every time. However, it also comes with several problems like overlapping of the signals in the areas covered by both the boosters and other wireless solutions. 

Think About the Network Coverage Obstacles

Avoid things that could absorb or reflect the signals while deciding where to put the booster. Metal pieces, mirrors, closets, walls, and other items can be the reasons.

The loss of frequency signals is another major stumbling block that reduces signal strength and interferes with coverage. Cordless phones, baby monitors, stoves, and other things can also interfere with signal strength and connectivity.

Summing Up

To conclude, switching between networks is not a big deal, especially for devices like laptops or computers. The reason is they are placed at one point most of the time. However, devices like cell phones roam more here and there. So, be it the vehicle or you simply need the home space where you need a better Wi-Fi connection, installing a signal booster is the solution. 

Hope this write-up provides you the sufficient information to decide on the signal boosters for better wireless connectivity.

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