June 21, 2024


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Steam Summer Sale Dates Leak, Loyalty Program Hinted at

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The Steam Summer Sale is usually a time to spend more money than you intended on lots of very cheap games. Nobody will be surprised to hear the dates have leaked for the 2020 Summer Sale, but so has news of a loyalty program.

As PC Gamer reports, the Steam Summer Sale date leaks come via Pavel Djundik, who runs Steam Database. It has no affiliation with Valve, but is known for leaking information about what Valve has planned for Steam. According to Djundik, the Summer Sale kicks off on June 25 and runs to July 9.

Usually that’s the end of the news and everyone marks the date and waits for the cheap prices to appear. However, it looks as though Valve has more planned this year. Djundik believes that Valve is working on a loyalty program. If true, it would involve Steam introducing a points system, with points being collected and used for a number of digital rewards. Those rewards are thought to include “badge levels” and there’s also a possibility Valve will allow points to be cashed in for discounts off games.

Alongside the loyalty program, there’s also thought to be a new set of reactions Steam users can add to reviews. The reactions discovered so far are named deep thoughts, heart warming, hilarious, hot take, poetry, and xhelpful. All of them are .PNG files, meaning emoji-type reaction graphics.

For now, the loyalty program is just a rumor, but it seems likely Valve would want to roll it out alongside a big event such as a sale. Could we potentially see it appear just ahead of the Summer Sale in late June?

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