April 13, 2024


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Repair Corrupted Windows Registry With Registry Cleaner

Windows Registry in computers with Microsoft Windows provides the essential database with all basic guidelines, settings, and other related details which instructs your computer to behave and run the programs in a predetermined manner. Even the desktop, when you switch on the computer, will refer to this database to know its function. The Windows Registry is a well organized system of hives, keys and sub-keys and registry values. The values refer to the settings which will instruct both the hardware and software how to behave. When the registry keys are corrupted, there will be irregular and difficulty in using your computer. Hence it is necessary to repair corrupted windows registry with registry cleaner.

The erratic behavior can be noticed when windows refuse to close from desktop, or windows may not open when you startup, and may flash with error message, which is the most common way of suggesting the corruption of windows. The error message usually will be – “missing or corrupt” files, or “unknown hard error.”

This however doesn’t mean that the computer has been affected by a virus. It simply suggests that the registry files have been dislocated because of the improper shutdown process. If your computer is shutdown due to unexpected power failure, the process leavers the communication within the computer affected, resulting in refusal to open when you start up.

For Fixing corrupted windows registry with registry cleaner, you have to repair the windows registry files, so that your computers restores its normal working. You can do this with the help of Microsoft Registry cleaner, which will guide you with option for you to correct the changes the registry.

To fix the corrupted registry with registry cleaner, manually, you should be good in computerskills, and fully understand what you are doing, you should not attempt manual alterations to the registry, since it may only result in more complications brining the entire system to a halt.

To fix the corrupted windows registry with registry cleaner, you should first of all have a number of safety measures. Have a set system restore point to begin with, so even if something goes wrong, you can restore the machine, to a particular time before you changed the Windows registry. It would be advisable to have a backup copy of the registry in its entirety, by copying everything on the computer, and saving it in another name on a separate partition.

The Process of fixing the corrupted windows registry with registry cleaner is as under:

Open your registry editor, click “Run” or “Start” and type “Regedit”

When the registry editor opens, select the files you need on the left. You can find the most commonly used keys in KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. After finding them, you can change, click “Save,” and restart your computer, to give effect to the changes.