June 16, 2024


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Police Use Animal Crossing to Reunite Gamer With Lost Nintendo Switch

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One very lucky gamer in Taiwan has been reunited with his lost Switch console thanks to a good Samaritan, some clever police work, and friends.

The hybrid nature of the Switch makes it easy to carry around, but also much easier to lose than other games consoles. As VG247 reports, a Switch owner in Taiwan managed to lose his Switch after placing it on top of an ATM while withdrawing some money and then forgot to pick it up before walking off. Typically, that’s a console lost forever, but not in this instance.

The Switch was apparently discovered by someone honest enough to hand it in to the police. There’s not much to go on in terms of identifying who a Switch belongs to just from looking at the console, but clearly someone on the local police force is well-versed in Switch gaming. After discovering the Switch had Animal Crossing: New Horizons installed, they proceeded to play the game with the sole purpose of sending a message to the owner’s friends telling them what had happened.

The message included the address and phone number of the police station, which it was hoped would be passed on to the owner. Sure enough, one of his friends stepped up and passed on the information, and he subsequently went to collect his Switch from the station. We can only imagine how relieved and grateful he was when he got there.

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