June 16, 2024


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Peak Design to Donate First Round of Travel Tripod Profits to Charity

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The Peak Design Travel Tripod was introduced to the world via Kickstarter last year, garnering enough pre-orders to outpace its funding goals 24 times over. But if you’re not one of the 25,000-odd photographers who snatched up a pre-order, you won’t be left out in the cold.

Peak is opening up pre-orders for the tripod, but at the full price of $349.95 for an aluminum version and $599.95 for the carbon fiber version we reviewed. It’s also showing some good will—through April 10, it is donating all profits from tripod sales to relief funds. This applies to sales directly from Peak’s online store, as well as to sales from other retail channels.

The donations are going to the CDC Foundation to bolster the fight against the COVID-19 virus, an immediate threat, and to Climate Neutral, an organization working against the longer-looming threat of climate change. It’s not a sudden decision; Peak is a Certified B Corp, a mark earned by a commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality. 

Peak Design Travel TripodPeak Design Travel Tripod

While many of us aren’t traveling at the moment, a good tripod can be used at or close to home too. Peak’s take on the concept is a good one—it’s small enough to fit inside many camera bags when closed down, and doesn’t require you to reverse the legs and adjust the center column for storage, like you do with competitors like the Gitzo Traveler series.

It wowed me enough to make it our Editors’ Choice pick when I reviewed it last month. If you’re shopping for a new tripod, it’s worth your consideration, even if you’ll be using it around the house for a duration.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, shipments are set to start today as well.

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