June 16, 2024


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Parody Post About Nintendo’s IP Bullying Hits All The Right Notes

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When I repeatedly use Nintendo as something of a virtual punching bag, it pisses off some of the company’s loyal fans. This has never made sense to me. Those fans should be pissed at Nintendo and all the different avenues the company takes just to make sure being a Nintendo fan is as difficult as possible. After all, it’s not like I’m just making this stuff up. Nintendo really is the Disney of the video game world when it comes to being an IP protectionist bully.

It is so bad, in fact, that you’ll come across parody posts on sites discussing made up bullying actions and relating them back to Nintendo. Earlier this year, for instance, we discussed a post on hard-drive.net, one which is clearly parody, talking about Sega undergoing a heel-turn and deciding to be an IP bully. Or, as the post put it, “go full Nintendo.” It was close enough to sounding real to be funny, but it was parody.

Well, that same site is back with another parody article, but this time they decided to dive into the purely absurd.

KYOTO, Japan — Video game giant Nintendo has recently filed a copyright claim on the country of Italy, according to a company press conference.

“It is after much deliberation and discussion that Nintendo has come to the conclusion that we will be filing a copyright claim against Italy,” Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said during a pre-recorded address uploaded to the official company YouTube channel. “The clear instances of infringement, such as adding ‘-a’ to the end of words, growing mustaches, and eating mushrooms, that have been occurring within Italy have gone unchecked for too long. It is our job to protect the hard work of our staff and executives.”

Unlike the Sega post, this one is obviously not believable. However, just like the Sega post, the only reason any of this is actually funny is because of how already absurd the behavior of Nintendo is when it comes to intellectual property matters. No, the company isn’t going to sue Italy over the supposed existence of stereotypical “Italians”. But the company’s actual IP enforcement actions are so silly and overwrought that the joke still works.

The rest of the post is short but worth reading. It has a fake quote from a big Nintendo fan that, by my reading, is fairly spot on. It’s complete with all the apologies and excuses those that remain Nintendo fans tend to roll out when the company is criticized. Having been on the receiving end, I suppose I now know what it feels like to say anything less than glorifying Elon Musk. The vibes seem to be the same.

So, it’s funny, but also kind of not funny. This is the sort of thing that only works because Nintendo really is an IP bully and maximalist company.

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