July 20, 2024


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New Self-Propelled Electric Campers Offer Sustainable Camping Trips

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Eco-conscious campers seem to be all the rage in the last year and with good reason: they provide an environmentally friendly way to explore the world.

In February 2021, we reported on California-based company Polydrops that conceived of an ingenious trailer made for electric vehicles called the P17A camper that is equipped with floor integrated batteries that provide 12kWh of electricity.

In October 2021, we brought you the story of a solar-powered camper, a project from a 22-member student team from Eindhoven University. Named Stella Vita, the electric caravan was a full-fledged home that was planned to complete a 1,800-mile-long (2,896 km) trip across Southern Europe to spread awareness about climate change.

Now, carmaker Thor Industries and luxury trailer producer Airstream have announced two new electric concepts that will forever change the way we view trailers and possibly camping.

“For over 40 years, Thor Industries have been helping families connect with nature and one another. We’ve enabled innumerable journeys and adventures, widened eyes and helped create lifelong memories,” states Thor Industries on its website.

“As a testament to our long-term commitment to leading global RV innovation, we’re leading another exhilarating adventure- exploring the undiscovered territory of the future.”

The first concept produced by this collaboration is the eStream vehicle that is engineered using Thor Industries’ exclusive high-voltage electric chassis, “featuring a battery-powered electric drivetrain that boosts fuel economy and digital technology that enhances the user experience.” The eStream is a self-propelled camper that can also be remote-controlled from a phone.

The second concept is called the Thor Vision Vehicle and is a Ford Transit-based electric RV with a traditional design and a “best in class” 300-mile range. Its key unique feature is an advanced digital cockpit that boasts applications that help you find chargers along your journey.

These two concepts have got us dreaming of long trips in pristine idyllic terrains all undertaken in a sustainable manner. Want to go for a ride?

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