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Master Simulation Skills To Solve Real-Life Problems

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Understanding engineering has never been more important, thanks to the ever-increasing pace of technological change. Aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, electronics, consumer goods; engineering experts are in high demand across virtually every industry. 

To be a skilled engineer, it is necessary for students and learners to attain practical knowledge to deal with real-world scenarios. Learning how to use and apply simulation tools to real-world problems is an invaluable skill that junior engineers can gain to prepare them for their careers.

Simulation plays a crucial role in helping students understand the underlying mechanism of a system, and how it would behave under various conditions.

With simulation, engineers can apply multiple conditions to a system to understand how it reacts in different scenarios; and this trial-and-error method can provide valuable insights for an engineer to make better and quicker design decisions when they start their career.

Ansys offers free engineering simulation software downloads to anyone looking to learn simulation. Ansys simulation software is most often used for predicting accurate results in the field of fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, and electromagnetics. Let’s take a look at these tools.

1. Ansys Student

Ansys academic student project

Simulation created using Ansys Student, Source: Ansys

Ansys Student offers free access to the Ansys Workbench bundle. This bundle includes Ansys Mechanical, Ansys CFD, Ansys Autodyn, Ansys SpaceClaim, and Ansys DesignXplorer.

The Ansys Workbench bundle is a comprehensive suite of engineering simulation software that enables engineers to design, analyze, and optimize the performance of products built with complex engineering schemes.

Ansys CFD is a computational fluid dynamics simulation software that provides engineering organizations with powerful tools for simulating fluid flow, airflow, combustion, and much more.

Ansys Autodyn is an automatic mesh adaptation software for finite element analysis. It provides the user with the ability to auto-generate meshes for CAD models, which are often too complex or too large to mesh manually.

Ansys SpaceClaim is a 3D parametric CAD program that allows one to design systems by creating geometry models and associated material properties.

Ansys DesignXplorer is a powerful computational design space that can be used to explore multiple scenarios simultaneously.

You can enjoy all these tools with the Ansys Student Download. 

2. Ansys Discovery Student

Ansys academic discovery student project
Simulation created using Ansys Discovery Student, Source: Ansys

Ansys Discovery Student is a suite of engineering tools that simplify the process of building and analyzing 3D designs during development. The software is a great way to create a 3D model and get instant feedback on your design before you invest in building a prototype. 

Ansys Discovery Student uses SpaceClaim technology for modeling and lets you easily analyze your design for errors, thus saving time and money. Learners can perform structural analysis, fluid analysis, topology optimization, thermal analysis, modal analysis, geometry modeling, and much more. 

3. Ansys LS-DYNA

Ansys LS-DYNA student simulation
Ansys LS-DYNA Student Simulation, Source: Ansys

This is the world’s leading software for the simulation of dynamic systems. Ansys LS-DYNA Student simulates the response of materials to short periods of severe loading. In a nutshell, you can examine the effect of material failure and how it progresses throughout a system. 

The LS-DYNA solver is coupled with Ansys’ LS-PrePost software. It provides a complete range of analysis capabilities for engineering professionals in automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense, and other industries.

Ansys LS-DYNA finds use in automotive crashes, aerospace bird strikes, explosion, drop analysis, injury mechanism investigation, and much more. This software provides engineers with an environment where they can simulate the entire lifecycle of a product from design to manufacturing, and from assembly line tests to, finally, customer use.

Students can do capstone projects and assignments using Ansys LS-DYNA. Professors can use LS-DYNA to teach explicit nonlinear and rigid body problems in class.

4. Ansys Electronics Desktop Student

Electronic actuator simulation
Simulation created using Ansys Electronics Desktop Student, Source: Ansys

This tool is a simulator that can help you control and experiment with electrical circuits. You can use it to design and troubleshoot circuits, as well as learn about the mathematics behind these circuits.

Ansys Electronics Desktop Student can simulate circuits with real-world accuracy. That means that not only will the simulation model how your circuit would behave, but it will also accurately represent the current, voltage, and resistance in your circuit.

Ansys Electronics Desktop Student is a fantastic learning tool for beginner engineers and students who want to learn more about electronics and electricity, but do not have access to expensive equipment or laboratories on their campus.

This tool has four modules:

  1. Ansys Maxwell, an electromagnetic tool for analyzing low-frequency phenomena and devices.
  2. Ansys HFSS, which contains the finite element solver that solves differential equations related to electromagnetics.
  3. Ansys Q3D Extractor is a tool for extracting 3D models from CAD files.
  4. Ansys Icepak, which predicts airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in IC packages, PCBs, and power electronics.

5. SCADE Student

Electronic circuit diagram
Ansys SCADE model-based design environment, Source: Ansys

Model-based design (MBD) is a powerful and widely used technology that allows designers to take into account the functional requirements of the system, analyze them mathematically, and represent the results in a set of simulation models.

This design approach can significantly reduce time-to-market for new designs, eliminate errors early in the design process, and increase product quality.

Ansys SCADE Student is an open-source tool that was designed with engineering in mind. It provides access to MBD modeling environments based on Ansys’ industry-standard simulation tools combined with code generation solutions for embedded software development.

The software is widely used in advanced driver-assisted systems, power and fuel management, vehicle control, nuclear power plant control, autonomous pilot and driving systems, etc.

Purpose of Use 

Ansys simulation
Source: Ansys 

Students and self-learners can use the Ansys tools for learning, do capstone projects, and solve homework problems using any of these Ansys tools as per their requirements. Educators can use these tools to teach the best simulation practices to students for job readiness.

Download free Ansys products designed for students and self-learners to start using simulation today. 

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