July 24, 2024


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Lunaz is building all-electric Range Rover Classics

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You’ll be aware of Lunaz by now. The Silverstone-based company is in the business of electrifying hyper-luxury classic cars and has already unveiled its takes on the Jaguar XK120, the original Bentley Continental and the majestic Rolls-Royce Phantom V.

Thanks to customer demand though, something slightly different is now in the offing. Yep, it’s a fully electric version of the Range Rover Classic.

Lunaz doesn’t just stick a load of batteries in the boot and send you on your way though – far from it. This is a complete re-engineering of the old-school Range Rover. The Classics (either in three- or four-door form) are stripped back to bare metal before being fitted with an as-yet-unspecified EV powertrain.

Customers then have the chance to transform their car into an Octopussy-style ‘Safari Specification’ convertible, or more conventional ‘Town’ or ‘Country’ specs. Town cars will focus on rear-seat and driver comfort and will be available in short or long wheelbase forms, whereas Country will bring a four-wheel drive system, updated suspension, anti-roll bars and uprated brakes for proper off-road ability.

All cars will get seamlessly integrated modern tech too, with proper infotainment, air conditioning and entertainment screens throughout the cabins. If you’ve seen its other projects, you’ll know that Lunaz is unlikely to mess this up. These are proper works of art.

Oh, and Country specs can be modified to include “a boot space for the transportation of equipment and refreshments for field sports”, whilst “the creation of a bar area for rear-seat chauffeured occupants” is possible on Town specs. Lovely.

Just 50 examples will be built in the first run, with each one starting at £245,000 before taxes. What do we think, Internet?

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