May 29, 2024


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LG ‘Velvet’ Confirmed as Company’s Design-First Smartphone

LG recently teased its upcoming design languageĀ and offered up some light details. In a press release, the South Korean company announced that consumers should expect to see minimalistic designs focusing on characteristics such as “visual elegance” and “tactile perfection.”

Take the multi-camera setup as an example. LG sees that competitors are rolling out large, squarish camera bumps and decided to create a raindrop-inspired module vertically ordering the lenses by size. It requires less centralized space, and thus LG can forgo a camera bump that might add some unnecessary bulk. Now, we’re getting a better idea of LG’s strategy as it confirmed the name of the smartphone due out later in 2020.

The ‘Velvet’ will debut as LG’s smartphone prioritizing design over specifications. Both the “lustrous smoothness” and the “premium softness” of its namesake will appear. LG didn’t share an official image, but the latest press release makes it clear that the Velvet goes all-in on sight and touch. Smartphones born out of this rebooted product roadmap will embrace expressive names, not alphanumerical designations.

“Our new branding reflects current trends of addressing the unique personal tastes and emotions of the individual with a greater emphasis on design,” Chang Ma, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, said. “It’s a more intuitive approach that we are confident will resonate with today’s consumers and help us to establish a clearer brand identity.”

LG’s smartphones did get lost in the mix. Once a reliable Android partner, LG fell behind several years ago and never regained momentum. With the Velvet and other design-first smartphones, it hopes to capture the attention of consumers who aren’t as interested in top-tier specifications but rather how a product looks and feels. Mid-range specifications might result in a lower price tag, and perhaps that’ll generate decent sales for LG.

As for an announcement and release date, the Velvet could arrive this spring. LG needs to ensure its factories are able to reopen and operate amid the coronavirus outbreak, and then the Velvet can enter production ahead of its global launch. If the Velvet doesn’t debut in April or May, look for it to go official sometime in June.

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