June 12, 2024


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Is VPS the Right Option for SMBs?

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As a small business owner, you are likely to know that having an online presence is very important. Reliable web hosting is another significant aspect of it. With an ocean full of server options like VPS web hosting, Cloud, Dedicated and Shared web hosting it is difficult for small businesses to make a feature-rich choice at affordable prices. 

What is VPS? 

A VPS is a cluster of virtual servers that uses hypervisor-based virtualization to divide a powerful physical server into a number of virtualized units. Each virtual server is independent of its neighbour and stimulates the experience of a dedicated server. A VPS effectively builds the gap between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.

While Shared Hosting seems an affordable solution for a small business owner, here are the perks of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). 

  1. Dedicated resources at fraction of the cost– While dedicated servers can put a dent in your finances, SMBs can buy VPS Hosting at prices comparable to a shared server. VPS hosting gives SMBs the benefits of dedicated virtual server space with independent RAM, CPU, OS and disk space, while still being affordable.
  2. Root access– VPS hosting offers root-level access i.e. it allows the administrator complete access over the server environment along with software installations. With this, you can start, stop, rebuild and customize your website as per your needs. You can install compatible applications as per your site’s requirements.
  3. Scalability – With VPS Hosting, you can easily scale your resources as and when your business grows. This is beneficial for growing businesses who can scale up as per the business.
  4. Managed Services and support– Many VPS hosting providers offer 24X7 support and managed services like installation and set-up of basic firewall, cPanel, tech support, up-gradation of software, etc.  The pre-installed cPanel ensures efficient management of the hosting environment. 
  5. Security– The hypervisor-based virtualization offers better security and isolation for your website. Thus, your private server space is independent and secure from others. You won’t be affected by the misdemeanours of your server neighbours.

With the need for an online presence, businesses of every size and sector are setting up their websites. For SMBs, this becomes difficult due to limited budget and technical knowledge. Virtual Private Server Hosting offers dedicated resources at affordable plans along with technical support with Managed VPS Hosting plans. This makes VPS server hosting the perfect choice for SMBs.

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