June 16, 2024


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Is Free Web Hosting Right For You?

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In a very general way, there are two types of web hosting for you to choose from; free web hosting and web hosting that you have to pay for. In regards to free web hosting, is it right for you? While the price is obviously right, what are you sacrificing as a result of the zero cost for your web site.

Usually, free hosting services are paid for by advertising and you don’t usually get to choose the full name of your website. For example, if you want your website to be Sample.com, but you choose to go through a free web host, then you may have to settle with YourWebHost.com/Sample rather than what you wanted. If you want to pay, then you can have Sample.com.

There are several ways that you can get a free web host for your website. The first is through instant activation, which gives you only a little bit of storage space and a set limit on how much bandwidth that you can use in a month. In addition, your instant activation website will have banner ads, pop ups and hyperlinks to other pages. In addition, you may also have to view ads as you upload files to your website. A bit of warning, some hosts that use instant activation also use link spamming, thereby abusing the service that you are getting for free.

Another way to have a free web host website is through posting in a forum. Many forum-based fee hosts require that you put a required number of posts on a forum before you are given a free-hosting account. Each post you put up gives you points and when you have enough points, you are able to activate your own free web hosting website. Usually each post you put up will have advertising with it to help the web hosting company pull in a profit.

If you are looking to have a company website, then paying for your website to be hosted on a server is the best course of action. Professionalism is very important and if you are not professional with your website, clients may move on from it. However, if you are only having a website for your personal thoughts and other personal things, then a free web host may be the best way for you to go. The choice is yours, but make sure you know what going through a web host that is free entails.

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