April 20, 2024


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HTC’s VIVE Pro Eye Kit Cracks the Virtual World’s Doors Open

What seemed impossible at the end of the 20th century, with the coming of the Matrix series, now seems more than possible thanks to the advancements in technology. The Matrix movies paved the way for us to dream of another reality full of possibilities, besides bringing out loads of philosophical questions in the process. 

Funnily enough, while back in the day, thinking of a different reality than what we’ve been living in was considered science fiction, it does feel like science but not fiction anymore. How exactly did that happen? Let us tell you: Virtual Reality.

Over the years, VR technology has proven that there is no distance it cannot reach. To be more specific, many well-known brands started to speak to common users’ needs, bringing out more and more detailed features to provide the absolute reality we are used to through tech devices. 

One of these brands is HTC’s VIVE. HTC as we all know has been working on a series of VR devices and doing a great job under its sub-brand VIVE. At first glance, it might seem like VIVE is trying to satisfy individual customers with how far they’ve come in terms of virtual reality, but their mission is way too significant to underestimate as just a commercial effort. 

On top of launching high-tech VR headsets and kits, HTC’s VIVE made its mission to save the world in every way with its VR for Impact project. It definitely does not hurt to have some fun with VR headsets discovering different environments, but VIVE wants to use it to reach its sustainable development goals, educate humans all around the world with specifically designed VR simulations, and with the help of experts in all fields such as doctors, biologists, psychologists and many more. With the projects that they’ve been working on, VIVE makes it seem very likely to end world hunger, poverty and find a remedy for climate change. 

Just to give you a quick glance at how HTC’s VIVE is literally trying to save the world, let us introduce you, HTC’s VIVE Pro Eye. 

VIVE launched Pro Eye aiming at professional and enterprise-level users. It is indeed an updated version of VIVE Pro, standing out as one of the firsts among other VR Headsets. VIVE’s main purpose in launching VIVE Pro was to improve users’ comfort and bring more quality to the visuals and sounds. It is also designed to provide ultimate customizability to make each users’ experience special. 

HTC's VIVE Pro Eye Eye Tracking Demonstration
Source: VIVE/HTC

Pro Eye shines out as the first VR Headset that allows eye-tracking to provide a better user experience for you and the users that are in your simulation who are trying out your products and services. It allows you to create more comprehensive scenarios and simulations; while doing that, it makes it so easy for you to track and analyze the eye movements and interactions to have more accurate data on user behavior. 

But these are not the only ways eye tracking comes into play. With VIVE Pro Eye’s simplified input and navigation system, the headset offers you a quite intuitive experience that makes it as easy as an apple pie to point, select and zoom on the gaze-oriented menu. Also, you will be able to reflect eye movements and blinks. Pro Eye brings the magical experience of non-verbal interactions in group chats environments such as conference rooms in customized reality through virtual avatars.

The last but not least, to bring you the utmost natural experience, Pro Eye is designed to provide you with foveated rendering. It allows you to optimize graphic fidelity in your users’ line of sight to bring out real-like visuals, and to reduce the workload on your GPUs by allowing different resolutions depending on where the user focuses their vision. 

VIVE Pro Eye brings you everything you need to have more natural movements and gesture controls in virtual reality. 

What’s more to VIVE Pro Eye? 

HTC's VIVE Pro Eye Full Kit
Source: VIVE/HTC

Even though the eye-tracking feature of Pro Eye seems like doing most of the work, it is not even half of it.

Pro Eye’s high-quality graphics are a sight to the sore eyes, as they come with a combined 2880×1600 resolution and 615 PPI (pixels per inch). Pro Eye is the perfect tool for you and your users to experience whatever you desire with its breathtaking visuals.

Moreover, it provides wide-area experiences thanks to its unmatched tracking accuracy and 32” x 32” room scale for multiple users.

The perception of the perfect reality should also be felt audibly. That’s why HTC’s VIVE Pro Eye comes with headphones that mimic the volumes, pitches, and reverberations of the real world. 

Above it all, HTC’s VIVE also cares about your physical comfort; the headset fits a wide range of head sizes, minimizes eye fatigue with adjustable optics, and supports operation even with glasses. 

HTC’s VIVE brings you your own Matrix with Pro Eye and the only thing you need is to take the first step to open the doors to your own virtual reality.

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