May 22, 2024


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How to do Google Ads competitor research?

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Google ads are an effective medium of advertisement platform that has basically been developed by Google. The platform provides a base for the advertisers to showcase their advertisements, listing of the products, service offerings, and contents of the video and also the generation of the mobile application. The Google ads are an excellent medium for several websites and companies to reach out to their targeted audience quite easily and offer them with the best. The Google ad services also help the newly built companies to showcase their credibility and attract their customers towards them.


Tools those are available for Google Ads.


There are several tools that help you in determining the fact of which keyword your competitor is using for the competition with you. The several tools are,


Spyfu – The site is seen as an ace level tool that helps you in determining the competitor’s analysis. It helps in the providing of the much substantial information regarding the keywords that your rival or competitors is primarily bidding for and is getting all the fortunes. It also helps you in the adding of the actual copies of the ad that have the chances of running during the recent months.


The free version of the website helps in the getting of the monthly estimates of the budget of the paid keywords, your competitors that are top paid, the results of highest clicks per day, the ad texts, and the keywords. The paid version of the tool definitely helps you in getting 90% more relevant data attached to the findings.


SEMRush – The website is almost similar to that of the Spyfu and also provides vital information about the competitors of your website. The free version of the website helps you in getting the details related to the total budget percentage, the positioning of the top keywords and their average, the ad texts, and also the traffic generated through the allocation of such keywords. But the results seem to be much increased when the term comes up to the paid version. The statistics received from the paid version are seen to be carrying a lot more data than the usual free version. The tool also helps in the allowing of the tracking of Facebook and other social network information from your competitor’s account.


iSpionage – The iSpionage is one of the few sites that help in the offering of very important information without any chargeable cost. The paid version of the software makes it possible to gain access to some of the mind-blowing statistics that are covered in the report. The site also helps in the development of new campaigns if upgraded to the paid version in addition to the providing of the keywords of the competitors and the ranking of the ads they have been running. The interface of iSpionage helps you in reviewing the top ads, keywords, and the top landing pages by providing the details of the top competitors. The data certainly helps in the identification of the gaps of the keyword the campaigns of Bing and Google.


Why does it matter to go for the Google Ads competitor research?


The research for the Google ad competitor matters to a much extent that is explained below,


  1. Whatever industry you are choosing to deal with is not the first thing that you have chosen, and there is a plenty availability of presence of several other rivals in the same industry. The top companies of any industry have already tried and failed several times before reaching the respective position they are now. By analyzing their past records, it will always be beneficial for you to know about what actually they did wrong and would certainly help you in saving you precious time to succeed. The process also helps you in saving your money and reduces the frustrations and depressions that would possibly occur during the course of time. It also further helps in the faster growth of your online business.
  2. The use of the perfect tools helps you in gaining knowledge about the competitors that are present in the industry that you are working on. The finding of some interesting data about the competitors also comes into knowledge. The process also helps in the knowledge of the statistics of the auction, the newer keywords, and various other information that is useful for you.

The Google Ads competitor research is one of the time-consuming options for the development of your business and knowing about the details of your competitors in the market.