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How To Choose The Best Electric Scooter

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As electric scooters become more popular, the different choices that you can choose from become overwhelming. You have so many different options to choose from, but which one is the right one for your needs? This decision is only going to become more difficult as more and more options are introduced. The good news is that knowing how to choose the best electric scooter can help make this decision a lot easier.

By reading on, you can learn all about the different price points for electric scooters and what to consider when choosing the best electric scooter.

Different Price Points for Electric Scooters

The first thing to look at is the different price points for the scooters, which can give you a good idea of how much you will likely spend on an electric scooter. This section will take a closer look at the different price points.


Budget electric scooters tend to be under $300. These budget electric scooters aren’t usually a great option for anything other than to use every so often. You should not use a budget scooter regularly because they have less than stellar brakes, motors without much power, and batteries that don’t have too much range. You can sometimes find a good model in this category, but it can be a lot more difficult.


Typical commuter electric scooters can cost between $300-$1200. There are subcategories within this category of budget commuters, mid-ranged commuters, and premium commuters. 

The budget commuter electric scooter is ideal for if you have only a short distance to travel with them. They can be suitable for commuting every day, as they do have decent range to them. But these will not be a great option if you have to travel over any rough terrain for your commute. These work best on smooth surfaces.

Mid-range commuter electric scooters do offer more range due to the larger battery and a more powerful battery than you would get with a budget electric scooter. You can even find suspension in the higher range of these mid-range scooters.

With the premium electric scooter, you usually get suspension as a feature as well as better brakes, range, and batteries than you can get with the less expensive options. However, while you get a more powerful scooter, you also get a heavier one that may not be as portable as you would like. 

Additionally, there are high-performance scooters that can cost upwards of $2,500. These are really heavy but have enough power to take on almost anything that you throw at it.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Scooter

What Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Scooter
Photo by Okai Vehicles on Unsplash

You need to really consider what you want and need from your electric scooter. Here are some of the biggest considerations when choosing the best electric scooter. 


Easily the most important consideration is how much you can and are willing to spend on an electric scooter. Most people don’t have an unlimited budget that they can spend on the electric scooter. For the most part, you get what you pay for when it comes to electric scooters, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something that is going to work for your needs within your budget. 


How far do you intend to travel with your scooter? It’s important that you get a scooter that can keep up with you and is able to meet your needs as far as range goes. If you have to travel farther distances, you need to get an electric scooter with a higher range. It’s a good idea to overestimate when it comes to how much range you think you need. This will ensure that you get a scooter that can get you to where you need to. 


You may not think that how much the electric scooter weighs is important to consider, but this is especially important when it comes to portability. If you need to take your electric scooter with you, whether it’s carrying it on public transportation or putting it in your car, you don’t want to carry around a heavy electric scooter. Scooters that have decent range on them tend to be lightweight enough for extra portability.

Max Speed

Electric scooters have a maximum speed to consider. Generally, electric scooters can get to around 15 MPH, which is good enough for most people. This is the standard speed you would travel when you are in the city anyway. If you need more speed, you can get options that can get up to 40 MPH. However, these are often much pricier models.

Your Own Weight

There are weight limits when it comes to scooters, which you need to be aware of. This means that you need to pay extra attention to how much weight a scooter can hold. If you don’t get a scooter that can hold your weight, the scooter won’t run as efficiently as you want it to. 


Not all electric scooters have suspension. But, if you need to travel over rough terrain, you want to make sure that you choose an electric scooter that has adequate suspension for the journey. This can also be an important feature if you ride for long distances, as it can provide you with a more comfortable ride.


With electric scooters, you will either have solid or pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires, which are also known as air-filled, are considered to be the best options as they offer the best shock absorption. This makes them the easiest to ride, but they require a lot more maintenance. Solid tires have easier maintenance and are on cheaper scooters, but they have no shock absorption. 


Once you find the perfect electric scooter, you are going to have a far more enjoyable experience getting around. With the advice in this article, you can make an informed decision about which electric scooter is the best one for your needs. Everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to their electric scooter, so take the advice here and even consider trying one out before you actually buy if possible.


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