June 16, 2024


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Honeywell Offers to Kill Viruses on Aircrafts in 10 Minutes for $10

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(Image: Honeywell)

I doubt many of us are prepared to fly again just yet, but Honeywell has come up with a system to quickly and cheaply kill viruses and bacteria in aircraft cabins between flights.

It’s called the UV Cabin System and was developed through a partnership with Dimer LLC. The cleaning device is roughly the same size as the beverage cart we’re all used to seeing roll down the aisle during flights, only this one has two large arms that extend above the seating. Attached to each arm is a set of ultraviolet c (UVC) lights, which Honeywell claims, “when properly applied, reduces certain viruses and bacteria on airplane cabin surfaces.”

Speaking of the partnership, Dimer co-founder and president Elliot M. Kreitenberg said, “Working with Honeywell puts this technology in the hands of a worldwide aerospace leader that can quickly deliver to airlines and other aircraft operators … As the travel industry begins to recover, we know hospital-grade technology will ease passenger concerns, and that’s what we’re providing with this system.”

In terms of cost and time, the UV Cabin System takes around 10 minutes to complete a pass on a typical aircraft cabin, with the cost expected to be below $10 per use. As to how effective it is, Honeywell says, “UVC lights deliver doses that medical studies find reduce various viruses and bacteria, including SARS CoV and MERS CoV.” However, “Results vary based on UV dosage and application, and no testing has been done specifically on protection against COVID-19.”

Although it sounds like the ideal device for reducing the risk of infection from touching surfaces on a flight, Honeywell really needs to get it confirmed this device kills COVID-19 before airlines take the system seriously. If it can achieve that, I suspect the airlines will be lining up to purchase UV Cabin System carts for their ground crews to use.

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