June 20, 2024


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Get Some Sun With Samsung’s Terrace Outdoor-Friendly TV and Soundbar

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(Photo Credit: Samsung)

It might be difficult to go outside and gather in public, but if you have a backyard you can at least enjoy some of the nice weather, and if you have a weatherproofed TV you can even watch TV while you catch some sun. Outdoor-friendly TVs are rare and expensive, generally limited to brands like SunBriteTV. But Samsung is now joining the outdoor TV field with its new Terrace TV and matching soundbar.

The Terrace is a 4K Samsung television that uses the company’s QLED LCD panel technology, built into a body that can handle the moisture, dust, and temperature variations of being mounted outside. The Terrace is IP55-rated, meaning it can withstand both dirt and heavy rain (and rinsing it off with a hose) with ease, and is built to function in most temperature ranges found in North America. It comes with a Samsung One Remote that’s also weatherproofed, itself featuring an even more dustproof IP65 rating. The TV’s weatherproofed body features narrow 10mm bezels, and measures only 59mm deep.

The Terrace is designed for use in partial shade, so it shouldn’t be placed outside without some form of awning or other sun covering. This is normal for many outdoor-friendly TVs; LCD panels that are both bright enough to be seen well in direct sunlight and don’t fade when exposed to the same harsh sunlight are difficult and expensive to make. The Terrace is still brighter than most TVs, with a 2,000-nit peak brightness that significantly beats Samsung’s indoor QLED TVs.

Samsung includes its Tizen smart TV platform in the Terrace, providing the same streaming media and app features as its indoor TVs. The TV can be controlled by multiple voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung’s own Bixby, and features several source-viewing modes like Multi View and Tap View. 

Samsung is matching the Terrace TV with an outdoor-friendly Terrace soundbar, which features the same weatherproofing as the TV, and is designed to be matched with it for improved audio. The Terrace TV and soundbar can connect wirelessly to each other over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so no cable is needed between them. The soundbar is also tuned to be better heard outdoors, where there are fewer walls to reflect sound.

The Terrace TV will be available in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch models for $3,499, $4,999, and $6,499, respectively. The Terrace Soundbar will be available for $1,199.

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