May 22, 2024


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Facebook Redesign Goes Live With Dark Mode and a Tabbed Home Page

If you’ve grown weary of how dated and messy Facebook’s design looks, there’s now a way to fix it. Facebook just enabled dark mode and a tabbed home screen for the majority of its users as part of a complete interface redesign.

As TechCrunch reports, the social network’s redesign was announced by Mark Zuckerberg during last year’s Facebook F8 conference held in May. The redesign was called “FB5” at the time, and aimed to give Facebook a much cleaner and less cluttered look while streamlining navigation. Now you can decide if Facebook managed to pull it off.

Not everyone has access to the new design just yet, only the “majority” do. To see if you are one of the majority, head to the Facebook settings menu and check if there’s an option to “Switch to New Facebook.” Clicking that option will enable the redesign and Facebook should transform before your eyes.

Beyond the new layout, you’ll experience a faster home page with larger fonts and quicker transitions. There’s a dark mode, which can be toggled on or off using a switch located on the Settings page, and tabs are now used for accessing Groups, Marketplace, and Watch. Creating Events, Pages, Groups, and ads is also quicker and they include previews on mobile.

We should probably expect ongoing tweaks to this new design as millions of Facebook users make the switch over the coming days and weeks.

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