June 16, 2024


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Darth Vader* might help you lap a Rimac C_Two like a pro

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The AI will have its own identity… which includes the actual voice used

“The way the coaching will be done, the way instructions will be given and the voice, that’s all related to the AI’s own identity,” Sacha says. “The prosody of the voice also – if you need to give an urgent instruction or less urgent instruction.”

TopGear.com, being childish and silly, put forward the question as to whether it’s possible to program different voices into the AI. Say, like Darth Vader’s voice. Sacha laughs. “Yes, that could be possible. For now, we’re not planning on putting Darth Vader as a voice, but if we receive a lot of requests regarding that, we can always feature it.”

Rimac has a cognitive psychologist on board working with Sacha’s team to fully develop this AI, and its identity and voice. “We are mostly focused on finding credible voices, someone you can listen to, someone you can pay attention to.”

TopGear.com humbly suggests the aforementioned Sith Lord would be someone you’d likely pay attention to. Indeed, after no doubt fluffing up your corner exit, Vader’s pained utterances professing your lack of ability would be endlessly amusing. The terrifying laboured breaths he takes after, maybe not so much…

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