June 20, 2024


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Could Now Be the Best Time to Upgrade Your Phone?

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If you were looking to upgrade to the Apple iPhone 12, there’s a bit of bad news. You could be waiting quite a bit longer to get one because of production delays. Before you decide if you really need a new phone, though, you might want to take a look at a survey Ting Mobile did about consumers’ upgrade motivations.

Most people purchased new phones for practical reasons—say, a device wasn’t working optimally (32 percent) or was flat-out broken (23 percent). But some decided to go for newer models because they felt theirs was outdated (18 percent), they needed to have the very latest model (10 percent), or they just decided to take their carrier up on an upgrade discount (5 percent). 

Phones are more expensive than ever (we’re looking at you, iPhone 11 Pro Max), so it pays to weigh the pros and cons of why you buy. It’s quiet during quarantine, and chances are good that you’re looking for savings. Both of these factors should give you pause. And production delays could cause you to consider buying a better-value device, such as the Google Pixel 3a or the iPhone SE. 

Whether you’re holding out for a no-doubt-pricey new iPhone 12 or are planning to get a more budget-friendly phone, you can get some cash from selling your current phone. Just remember to practice basic safety: Before you sell, back up your phone, unpair devices, and erase your content and settings. 

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