July 15, 2024


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Conference Call Hosting Isn’t All Talk

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Modern technology has made business life easy with conference-call hosting over the internet, but these days it is more than about speaking with clients and colleagues from all over the world. You can now interact with them in a hands-on environment that gives the feel of actually sitting across the table from one another.

Most internet-hosting services provide various advanced services that make it possible for the host to be seen physically by the other conference attendees, and for everyone involved to actively participate. Below, are just a few of the most useful options being offered today.


Most businesses use PowerPoint during meetings, whether it is to keep the host on task, or to add visual stimulation to help attendees pay attention and understand the most important points. When conference calls first became possible this option was eliminated, as a phone call only allowed voice communication. Not anymore!

Many conference-call hosting services are now capable of displaying your PowerPoint graphics to everyone attending your conference. There are even additional features, such as on-the-spot polling, which can be a quick check as to who is paying attention and who has tuned you out. When looking around the room to make sure all eyes are on you is not possible, there are now ways to ensure you are the main focus.

Related options that will make your conference call a little more interactive are question and answer sessions, and texting-so others can add input without having to speak out loud.

Document Sharing

Some meetings require more than one host giving a speech and other people taking notes. When you need a particular document to be shared and even reworked with the input of several people who happen to be hours apart from one another, it is no longer necessary to pass endless emails with the floating document in tow. Now you can set up an online conference call with a service that offers application sharing, and everyone involved will have direct access to the document at hand.

Getting this kind of coordinated work completed with various clients or colleagues is now quicker and easier than ever.

White Board

Another option to get everyone actively involved in a conference call is to use the white board feature where everyone can input their ideas directly onto the board for consideration by all. Information can easily be added and subtracted as the meeting goes along, leaving you with an end product that captures the main thoughts of everyone involved.


If you have a webcam, you can stream live video into your conference call, allowing the others to see you while listening to your words. This adds a personal touch to a conference call that at one time was simply impossible. Equipping employees who work from home with webcams could ensure that you get to see their faces during a conference call as well.

Conference-call hosting can now feel much like sitting in the same room with your clients and colleagues. Getting the work-at-hand finished long distance has never been faster with these new features commonly offered through modern technology.

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