June 20, 2024


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Cheap Flights to Calcutta

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Book your cheap air tickets for cheap Calcutta flights to travel Calcutta in cheap airfares using cheap flights to Calcutta and make your trip delightful.

Travel Calcutta, presently called as Kolkata, in affordable and cheap airfares with flights to Calcutta. Select any of the various air services such as KLM, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Air India, Air France, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Bangladesh Airlines and many more renowned airlines in direct as well as in a variety of routes and get special offers on different airlines. Get the best services and right accommodation with our cheap accommodation packages and cheap hotel deals that will give you world class services in cheap fares in the best hotels of Calcutta. Enjoy the cheap holiday deals at amazingly low prices. Select the compatibility package from the assembled packages of cheap flights to Calcutta that best suits the traveler’s individual requirements.

Kolkata is a multicultural city as it is the combination of East Indian and western culture. Travel this phenomenal city containing glorious constructions using cheap flights to Calcutta. Kolkata, crowned as the capital of British India in the nineteenth century, was used for the establishment of the East India Company. Visit Kolkata in affordable and cheap airfares with cheap flights to Calcutta. Our travel guide will make you assertive of the city to make your journey easy. Reserve your air ticket in advance with our advance booking engine. We also provide immediate air ticket booking service on different flights. The city has many attractions which are unique in their way and it has lots to offer for tourists of all ages.

The Victoria Memorial Hall is an eminent monument structured in the remembrance of Queen Victoria. The architecturally styled building was established in the memory of Queen Victoria. Tomb of Mother Teresa and the museum that depict her life in Mother Teresa’s Home and St Paul Cathedral makes the tourists excited. Take a part in famous Durga Puja, as it is widely celebrated in West Bengal and visit the antique Kali temple in Kalighat. National Library in Kolkata is the estate house for thousands of books and is the largest libraries of India. In Kolkata football and cricket is always full of ecstasy. Grab a chance to watch the local favorite football sport. Sundarbans, literally means beautiful forest is one of the ambushes for the wildlife in India and declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is a home to the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger and Salt lake Crocodile. Hire a guide and travel across the forest on the boat as it is a tidal forest in the Bay of Bengal.

Get into the Marble Palace, an opulent mansion in North Kolkata. Beautifully decorated marble walls and floors named it as a Marble Palace. Move inside the Indian Museum where you can find a rare collection of antiques, armor, ornaments, fossils and Mughal paintings. Bengali sweets are well-known in India for its deliciousness. Hanging Howrah Bridge, Alipore Zoological Park and Nal Ban Salt Lake City are the other favorite destinations for vacationers.

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If the jury is still out on vacation then make it now and book your air tickets with an expert travel agent. With online air ticket booking services of cheap flights to Calcutta enjoy the special offers and get low and cheap airfares.

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