April 20, 2024


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Cedar Shake Cleaning By Roofing Experts

Cedar shake roofs are among roof kinds that need a vast amount of air to remain dried and maintained. Overhanging tree branches and several other reasons can cause hindrance in the proper maintenance of the structure. To deal such problems wisely, it will be a good idea to hire an experienced Roofing Brisbane Specialists.

Through this article, we’ll come to know more about the cedar shake cleaning. Let’s start with cleaning a dirty roof.

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Cleaning of dirty roof

A number of ways are followed by the experts. They make use of pressurized machine for the pressure washing. If the same process is used by any untrained person, it causes several damages, wood erosion, leakage, etc. The use of pressure washing is meant to remove all kinds of dirt or debris from the surface completely.

For the purpose of cleaning, the experts always keep in mind to not use water on the roof. Spraying up the roof can cause leak into your house and they also avoid the usage of commercial strength bleach as it can harm the cedar shakes. They make use of oxygen bleach as it is environmentally safe and cleans the surface with no problems.

Control of mosses

Among various reasons, mosses are the one which is known to shorten the life of the structure. If we talk about the roofing experts, they are known to make better use of zinc and copper to control the growth of the mosses. If we talk about the steps of controlling mosses, the experts first scrub the areas with middle or small bristled hand brush. During the process, they wear gloves as well as consider eye protection while using cedar shake cleaning solution as negligence can cause irritation in eyes and skin.


After cleaning, the structure is left to let it dry. The process of drying may takes 2-3 days and after that one may opt for the use of selected product. And to make installation of chosen product the roofers make use of right type of application equipment. Sealing or cleaning of the surface should not be tried by any novice homeowner.

Cedar shake conversion is also a nice idea to keep the roofs well maintained. By acquiring assistance of professional roofing contractors, one can opt for the fiberglass laminated shingles or installing plywood on the deck or any other. Thus, cedar shakes cleaning, maintenance and conversion projects can be made successful by hiring a professional roofing contractor.