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Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to the Xbox Series X|S?

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An Xbox Series X controller on shaggy carpet next to a wireless headset
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Gaming headsets deliver immersive audio while allowing you to use your voice to communicate with other players. Wireless headsets offer a degree of freedom that wired ones can’t match, but most require a dedicated USB dongle to ditch the cable.

So what’s the deal with Bluetooth headsets on the Xbox Series X|S consoles?

Bluetooth Headsets Not Natively Supported

Microsoft made the decision not to support Bluetooth headsets in the Xbox Series X and S consoles. That means that you can’t natively connect your Bluetooth headset to your console or controller.

You can still technically connect a Bluetooth headset to your controller’s 3.5mm stereo jack (which passes through audio) if you use a Bluetooth transmitter like the Uberwith Bluetooth Xbox One Transmitter. This solution will need to be charged periodically, and there’s no support for headset microphones (Instead, you’ll find a microphone on the transmitter itself.).

Aftermarket Bluetooth transmitters are best avoided. They often introduce latency, which is disorientating in single-player games and could put you at a serious disadvantage in multiplayer.

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The Right Way to Connect Your Headset

The best wireless headsets come with their own low-latency USB dongles, which handle wireless audio transmission for you. These models, like the Steelseries Arctis 9X, allow you to hear game audio while chatting with friends via a built-in microphone.

Even though some gaming headsets (including the SteelSeries linked above) have Bluetooth support, this should be seen as a nice add-on for use with your smartphone or laptop rather than as a serious choice for gaming.

Location of the audio jack on a Xbox Series X|S Controller

If you have a headset that doesn’t support wireless via its own USB dongle, you can connect it directly to your controller’s 3.5mm stereo jack (above). Even though this isn’t a truly wireless solution, the cable run from your controller to the headset is very short and much better than running a cable across your living room.

Just be sure to take your controller with you if you get up to avoid any accidents!

Shop for Xbox-Compatible Headsets

If you’re buying a headset for your Xbox, make sure it states that it’s compatible on the box. If you’re just starting your hunt, check out the selection of headsets for sale in the Microsoft store.

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