June 23, 2024


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Can Vaping be considered Healthy?

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People are well aware of the working method of a traditional cigarette; a paper tube is filled up with dried and shredded tobacco and fire is lit on one side while the user smokes from the other.

On the other hand, the working method of a Vape is slightly different and difficult because it includes all the technology.

When a consumer uses vape, working in a small plastic tube goes like this. The vape pen heats the Vape Juice in a small cartridge which is inhaled by the user through the pen. That is all. In vape there is no real tobacco which is burned, instead, there is e-liquid which is heated up and the vapor from the liquid is inhaled. That is also how Vape got its name.

Can Vaping be considered bad or unhealthy? As far as research takes us if the nicotine e-liquid is not from a bad or sketchy brand and the vape itself is very enhanced and high end with a well-design. Then, perhaps it is not as harmful as a traditional smoke. It is widely known that a smoke addict is better off using a vape pen, rather than a cigarette.

What about vaping without nicotine, can that be considered harmful? Not really. Without the nicotine e-liquid in the vape cartridge, the consider is basically just inhaling a vaporized version of glycerin and different flavors.

However, this condition only applies for high-end vaping producers who are authentic and expert at their work. These creators and companies can be trusted that the ingredients used in the vape juice are safe, the vape pen is safe and everything is made from clean materials.

The concern of the safety of vape increases when the public chooses to purchase vape and e-liquid from cheap stores where neither the materials used for Vape pen nor the ingredients in the liquid are mentioned and one cannot tell from A to Z about the safety of the vape.

While the Food and Drug Administration or FDA for short, has given the approval to normalize the e-smokes and vapes, there is still a certain danger to people who are making vape without knowing the entire method and process and while these companies do disclose their ingredients to the FDA but the ingredients aren’t disclosed to the general public which itself is highly suspicious.

There are many concerns related to these issues as the consumers are not aware of what they exactly are consuming. We know high-end Vape companies use propylene glycol in their liquid, which perfectly harmless chemical that is also used in the asthma inhalers, it dissolves and provide the flavorings. But are we sure that cheap liquid or vape makers use the same chemical for flavoring? No.

In the end, it is advised to purchase Vape from a place where you can trust the makers and know each and every single material used in the liquid and to create the pen. More often than not, the reason why people receive harm from a vape is that they use cheap ones where the ingredients are probably very dangerous.

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