May 30, 2024


Sapiens Digital

Brabus has got its hands on the electric Smart EQ fortwo

Got your eyes on a new Smart EQ fortwo but reckon it looks a little, well, cutesy? Not to worry, because Brabus is here to help.

This is the Brabus Ultimate E Facelift – the Merc tuner’s latest take on the little electric city car cabrio thing. Unlike most tuned EVs though, Brabus has actually managed to squeeze some extra power from the fortwo.

Yep, a whole 9bhp in fact, meaning there’s now a dizzying 91bhp and 133lb ft of torque in the new Sport+ driving mode. That reduces the 0-62mph time to 10.9 seconds, but thankfully the top speed is still limited to 81mph. Probably for the best.

Brabus says the Smart’s 17.6kWh battery still provides a range of just over 98 miles too, although that’s with the caveat of “depending on driving style”. Get a bit excited with all of that new acceleration and you’ll be needing to plug in much sooner.

Then there’s the looks. Brabus calls the extended arches and wideboy bumpers its ‘Widestar’ body, whilst those wheels are actually 18-inch forged items. On a fortwo. Madness.

There’s no word on prices just yet, but buyers will also get revised Brabus suspension and that leather-filled interior for their outlay. What’s the bet it commands quite the premium over a standard EQ fortwo?

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