May 22, 2024


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Apple Teaches You How to Make a Face Shield

Apple just released a support document that details the parts and fabrication methods required to assemble a professional-grade face shield. It also offers some tips and tricks, but the Cupertino-based company suggests that experts familiar with manufacturing and design, not ordinary people, put it all together. So if you’re not an expert, please do not try this at home.

Parts recommended include a shield, forehead band, and strap. Both the shield and the forehead band should be made of clear PET or PETG while the strap can be silicone. Keep in mind that, if you’re using natural rubber latex, allergic reactions are possible. Non-silicone, meanwhile, can degrade quicker. Apple also labels the recommended thickness of each material to optimize the face shield’s reliability and effectiveness.

Materials outside of that list are welcome, but Apple recommends a basic test to choose alternatives. “Ensure the material you use is optically clear and does not crack when folded over onto itself 180° to form a crease (0mm bend radius),” it says. Additionally, Apple urges to avoid polycarbonate in place of PET or PETG as it’s too brittle.

Several fabrication methods appear in Apple’s support document. Apple indicates that others are possible, but it calls out laser cutting, water jetting, and die cutting. Each fabrication method includes some notes, and Apple also generated a downloadable file with 2D cuts, manufacturing drawings, and instructions. Experts shouldn’t find any issue with the resources Apple provided.

“Each manufacturing method poses unique safety risks to machine operators,” Apple warns in its document. “It is recommended only trained manufacturing professionals operate equipment with proper safety measures in place.”

Should an expert run into issues or need further assistance, Apple has an email address ([email protected]) to help out.

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