June 20, 2024


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Apple Starts Selling Refurbished iPhone XR Models for $499

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If you’re looking to replace your old iPhone, but can’t afford the latest high-end models, Apple has added a very capable handset to its certified refurbished line-up.

As MacRumors reports, Apple just started selling certified refurbished models of the iPhone XR. When the iPhone 11 launched last year, the iPhone XR remained available at a new price point of $599 for the 64GB model, while the 128GB model is $649. A refurbished unlocked 64GB model will cost you $499 and the 128GB model is $539. Apple is also offering some 256GB models for $629.

Buying a refurbished iPhone directly from Apple gets you a new battery and outer shell. The handset is also backed by a one year warranty and will be delivered for free. Apple guarantees a fully functional device that’s had any repairs done using official replacement parts and has been thoroughly cleaned. You’ll also receive the phone in a new box with all new accessories.

News of cheaper, refurbished iPhone XR models from Apple would be met with more excitement if it wasn’t for the fact the iPhone SE exists. It’s already become everyone’s favorite new iPhone, and it only costs $399 brand new. Why would you pay at least an extra $100 for a refurbished iPhone instead?

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