July 22, 2024


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Amazon’s Xbox Series X invites might come with a decent discount

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Amazon launched an invite-based purchase system for in-demand products in early June, with the PS5 being the first gadget available on the site via invite. We learned at the time that Microsoft’s top console will also get a similar invite buying system. You can now request an Amazon invite to purchase the Xbox Series X, and you might score a decent discount if you’re lucky.

How Amazon’s Xbox Series X invite system works

Amazon came up with its invite-based purchase system to ensure that its customers can buy products that are in demand rather than losing sales to bots placing automatic purchase orders. The system started with the latest Sony and Microsoft consoles because supply remains constrained.

It’s been over 18 months since the PS5 and Xbox Series X launched, but they’re not still widely available. And the high demand also prevents retailers from offering any significant discounts.

To score an invite for either console, you have to go to the product page on Amazon and request one. Amazon’s algorithms will check your account for red flags, and you’ll receive an invite when your turn comes up. Amazon will fulfill the order, so you’ll still be waiting for the retailer to restock these products.

Once you receive the invite to purchase the Xbox Series X, you’ll have a limited time to actually buy the console.

The retail packaging for the Xbox Series X. Image source: Jacob Siegal/BGR

The surprise Xbox discount

When Amazon kicked off the PS5 invite system, we learned the company would not charge extra for the service. And that the invite system will work for any Amazon customer. You won’t need Amazon Prime to secure an invitation. But the subscription will speed up shipping.

Amazon would just sell the PS5 and Xbox Series X for their regular retail prices. That’s what most buyers want. The alternative is waiting for other stores to restock the products or purchase the console you want for a premium from scalpers.

But it turns out that Xbox Series X fans can score a significant discount on the Xbox Series X via Amazon’s invite system. That’s an unexpected bonus. The same deal isn’t available for PS5 invites, however.

Per The Verge, the Xbox Series X sold for as low as $441 via Amazon’s invite system. That’s more than a 10% discount on a console that usually sells for $500.

If you haven’t blown your deals’ budget on Prime Day sales, you can try to score an Xbox Series X discount right away. Sign in to your Amazon account, place your invite request, and wait for Amazon’s email. Once you get it, you’ll have up to 72 hours to pull the trigger. And hopefully, you’ll get to save some money in the process.


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