April 12, 2024


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Almost Two-Thirds of US Workforce Must Work From Home, Many with Crap Internet

The Coronavirus crisis hasn’t done anyone any favors, except
maybe to introduce a large number of the (remaining) workforce in the United
States to the wonders of remote work. Of people still with jobs, 57.1 percent are apparently are doing them at home, according to a Waveform survey conduced on March
30, 2020—about 2 weeks, give or take, into shelter-at-home orders in many

It looks like the younger you are, the better the chance you
had to start this WFH phase of your employment.

18 to 44 Year Olds

The big question for employers is probably this: Is more or
less work getting accomplished? The honesty of the responses make it look like
about one-third think they’re doing a little less. But a quarter of people are
doing even more.

Are You Getting More Work Done?

Maybe the most surprising stat from the survey is that only
about half of the newly minted telecommuters wish their WFH status was
permanent. (A couple of weeks ago, research from Buffer.com indicated that 98
percent of people who had tried working from home pre-COVID-19 wanted
that situation to be permanent

How to you like working from home?

Waveform used to be called RepeaterStore but changed
its name
to better reflect the changes in the world since its founding. But it
still sells repeaters and signal boosters and noticed an uptick in sales. So it
asked people how they felt about their cellular signal at home. About 12
percent think their wireless isn’t up to snuff, especially because many people
want to use that wireless mobile connection to replace their broadband.

How is the cell phone signal in your home?

Why? Because even more of them, 15.5 percent, have major
connectivity issues with their ISP on a daily basis.

how often do you have ISP issues?

Okay, maybe one more “good” thing to come from the
quarantine: Almost 50 percent of respondents say they’re cleaning their
cellphones either daily or, at the very least, every time they return home from going out. 

how often do you disinfect?

The 15.8 percent of you who admit to never having disinfected
your phone at all, please identify yourselves so we never, ever shake hands.

For more, read the full report over at Waveform.

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